AVCA Names 2010 All American Volleyball Players

2010 Division I First Team All-American

Every year the AVCA which stands for the American Volleyball Coaches

Association votes on the female volleyball players that they believe

should be selected to their All-American teams.

Chosen by the nine-member AVCA Division I All-America Committee

headed by Dayton head volleyball coach Kelly Sheffield, three All

American teams are named, each with fourteen female volleyball players

named to them. 

Additionally there is a Freshman Player of the Year and a National

Female Volleyball Player of the Year named as well.

Below is the list of female volleyball players chosen in 2010. 


Rachael Adams

The University of Texas

Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'2 Cincinnati, Ohio

Ashley Benson 

Indiana University

Middle Blocker Sr. 6'3 Bloomington, Indiana

Blair Brown 

Penn State University

Right Side/Opposite, Senior, 6'5 Purcellville, Virginia

Kanani Danielson

University of Hawai'i

Outside Hitter, Junior, 5'10 Ewa Beach, Hawai'i

Brooke Delano

University of Nebraska

Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'4 Bellevue, Nebraska

Juliann Faucette

The University of Texas

Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'2, San Diego, California

Victoria Henson

Iowa State University

Outside Hitter, Senior, 5'11 Leavenworth, Kansas

Alex Jupiter 

Univ. of Southern California

Outside Hitter, Junior, 6'3 Paris, France


Alix Klineman 

Stanford University

Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'4 Manhattan Beach, California


Cassidy Lichtman 

Stanford University

Setter/Outside Hitter Sr. 6'1 Poway, California

Carli Lloyd 

University of California

Setter Sr. 5'11 Bonsall, California

Kelly Murphy

University of Florida

Setter/Outside Hitter Jr. 6'2 Wilmington, Illinois

Tarah Murrey

University of California

Outside Hitter Jr. 6'3 El Cerrito, California

Arielle Wilson 

Penn State University

Middle Blocker Sr. 6'3 Broadview, Illinois

2010 Division I Freshman of the Year:

Deja McClendon, Penn State, Outside Hitter

2010 Division I Player of the Year

Carli Lloyd, Cal Berekeley, Setter 

2010 Division I Second Team All American

Kendall Bateman

Univ. of Southern California

Setter, Junior, 5'11, Manhattan Beach, California

Kindra Carlson

University of Washington

Right Side/Opposite, Senior, 6'1 Eaton, Colorado

Lindsay Fletemier

University of Dayton

Middle Blocker, Senior, 6'6, Garden City, Michigan

Tyler Henderson

University of Tulsa

Outside Hitter, Sophomore, 5'10, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Brittany Hewitt

University of Hawai'i

Middle Blocker, Sophomore, 6'3, Eagle, Idaho

Deja McClendon

Penn State University

Outside Hitter, Freshman, 6'1, Louisville, Kentucky

Sabel Moffett

Northwestern University,

Middle Blocker, Senior, 6'0, Temecula, California

Stephanie Niemer

University of Cincinnati

Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'2, Erlanger, Kentucky

Bre Payton

University of Northern Iowa

Setter, Junior, 5'9, Waterloo, Iowa

Becky Perry

University of Washington

Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'2, Austin, Texas

Colleen Ward

University of Illinois

Outside Hitter, Junior, 6'2, Naperville, Illinois

Hannah Werth

University of Nebraska

Outside Hitter, Sophomore, 6'1, Springfield, Illinois

Lexi Zimmerman

University of Michigan,

Setter, Senior, 5'10, Barrington, Illinois

2010 AVCA Division I Third-Team All-American  

Gabi Ailes

Stanford University

Defensive Specialist/Libero, Senior, 5'7, Bellevue, Nebraska

Brianne Barker

University of Oklahoma

Setter, Junior, 5'9, Amarillo, Texas

Michelle Bartsch

University of Illinois

Right Side/Opposite, Junior, 6'3, Maryville, Illinois

Ellie Blankenship

University of Northern Iowa

Defensive Specialist/Libero, Senior, 5'10, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Lane Carico

University of Miami

Outside Hitter, Junior, 5'11, Manhattan Beach, California

Kellie Catanach

Duke University

Setter, Junior, 6'2, Tampa, Florida

Nikki Fowler

University of Tennessee

Right Side/Opposite, Senior, 6'2 Dallas, Texas

Hillary Haen

University of Illinois

Setter, Senior, 5'10, Crystal Lake, Illinois

Jaclyn Hart

Purdue University

Setter, Senior, 6'1, Palos Hills, Illinois

Alex Hunt

University of Michigan

Outside Hitter, Junior, 6'0, Granger, Indiana

Jennifer Keddy

Cal Poly

Middle Blocker, Sophomore, 6'4, Missoula, Montana

Ashley Mass

Iowa State University

Defensive Specialist/Libero, Senior, 5'8, Muskego, Wisconsin

Regina Thomas

University of Mississippi

Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'0, Richardson, Texas

Lauren Williams

Univ. of Southern California     

Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'4, Houston, Texas

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