The Ball Used In Volleyball

The Official Volleyball Ball

Just what are the characteristics of the ball used in volleyball?

Always round, the indoor ball is made of leather or plastic and usually

has anywhere from 8 to 18 rectangular shaped panels that are placed in

various sections and are wrapped around the bladder.

What Volleyball Ball Brands
Are The Most Popular?

Several volleyball ball manufacturers have grown in prominence and

popularity in the last 50 years.

Volleyball Ball Tachikara

Best known for their colorful balls, funny ads and innovative

commercials, Tachikara is a 96-year-old Japanese company that

produces volleyball balls and balls for other sports along with specialized

athletic equipment.

The Tachikara SV-5W is the official ball used in volleyball competition in

the NAIA.

The NAIA college volleyball ball specifications for this ball are:

Circumference: 25.6 - 26.4 in./65.02 - 67.06 cm.

Weight: 9.1 - 9.8 oz./257.98 - 277.83 g

Cover: Premium Leather

Construction: Dual Bladder Construction Bladder: Butyl

According to Mike Campbell, NAIA Vice President for Marketing and

Corporate Partnerships "Tachikara is a special partner and supporter of

the NAIA and consistently delivers quality products and exceptional

customer service to our member institutions."

62 years ago, Tachikara used new technology to produce a seamless b

all which revolutionized the sporting good industry.

Previously, sporting good manufacturers produced their balls by hand

stitching them. 

Tachikara wanted to set themselves apart from their volleyball ball

brands, which they did by "pioneering their proprietary Single Unit

Construction method for manufacturing of athletic balls to improve the

spherical shape, air retention, rebound, and overall durability."

Tachikara has sought to elevate their volleyball ball brand by positioning

their company as an innovative leader that uses cutting-edge design,

manufacturing, materials and supply of innovative and quality products

with unparalleled values to propel the brand to a respected and

empowered position within the industry.

Volleyball Ball Mikasa

Mikasa is the ball used in volleyball competitions, both indoor and beach

that are sponsored the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, also

known as the FIVB.

Besides being the international governing body for the sport of volleyball

the FIVB's main activity is to plan and organize worldwide volleyball


They also are responsible for defining qualification procedures and

developing the formulae of competition for international volleyball

tournaments they organize such as the Olympics, World Championships,

World Grand champions Cup, World Cup the Men's World League

tournaments, the Women's World Grand Prix volleyball tournaments, Club

World Championships and of course the SWATCH Beach Volleyball World


They also organize international youth volleyball tournaments including

the Men's Under-21 Junior World Championships, the Women's Under-20

Junior World Championships, Boys Under-19 Youth World Championships

and the Girls' Under-18 Youth World Championships.

According to Mikasa "it all starts with the ball."

Mikasa was first founded in Hiroshima, Japan in 1917.

In 1973, the company set up headquarters in California where they

continued establishing their reputation in volleyball.

Mikasa claims to understand the passion it takes to be an athlete and

their intended goal is to pair that level of passion with the best

technology in order to make the best ball possible.

In 2006, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball and the Mikasa

Corporation entered into a new contract to make MIKASA's indoor and

beach volleyballs the official game volleyball ball for all the FIVB

volleyball tournaments for 2009 through 2012 including the London

Olympic Games.

Volleyball Ball Molten

Founded in 1958 and based in Hiroshima Japan, Molten is one of the

world's largest ball and sports equipment manufacturer. Molten USA,

Inc. was established in 1983 to bring these quality  volleyball sports

balls to the U.S. marketplace.

Originally located in Southern California, Molten USA moved to northern

Nevada in 1988.

Four years ago Molten signed a four year contract extension with the

NORCECA federation which is due for renewal in 2014.

NORCECA stands for the North, Central American and Caribbean

Volleyball Confederation and Molten has agreed to supply the ball used

in volleyball competitions.

In addition, to being the official volleyball ball of NORCECA competitions,

Molten is the official ball of USA volleyball in addition to numerous state

associations, collegiate programs and junior programs.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association selected

Molten as the official championship game volleyball ball of the NCAA

Division I, II and III Women's Championships and the National Collegiate

DI and DIII Men's Volleyball Championship.

The Molten IV58L-N Super Touch volleyball featuring the unique NCAA

inspired blue, silver white color combination is used at all Division I, II

and III Women's Championships.

The NCAA and Molten began their partnership in 2005 and according to

Molten USA president Melissa Dawson "It is obvious that both partners

share common goals and philosophies when supporting the growing sport

of volleyball."

For the record, the NCAA is a member-led nonprofit association of

colleges and universities committed to supporting academic and athletic

opportunities for more than 400,000 student-athletes at more than

1,000 member colleges and universities.

Each year, more than 54,000 student-athletes compete in NCAA

championships in Divisions I, II and III. 

In November 2010, Molten was selected to be the official volleyball ball

by the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation.

For all of its beach and indoor volleyball competitions  both parties

agreed to work together to spread the sport of volleyball throughout the

island and to assist in the development of all categories of Puerto Rican


Besides the use of the Molten volleyball ball for the Superior Leagues

and the use of exclusive models for the different minor divisions, Molten

will also be the exclusive ball for all the beach volleyball events.


Volleyball Ball Wilson

Wilson has been very busy these last few years building and expanding

their brand in sand and collegiate volleyball circles.

In a truly original move Wilson has sponsored some of the top American

beach volleyball athletes in the world.

Wilson is proud to sponsor a staff of the top professional volleyball

players in the world, including two-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh-

Jennings, April Ross, Cayley Thurlby, Jake Gibb, and Sean Rosenthal.

This past December, Wilson extended their partnership with three-time

Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh until 2017, the year after she

attempts to earn her fourth Olympic gold medal.

Wilson has been on a spree creating partnerships with the California

Beach Volleyball Association providing the ball used in volleyball

competitions sponsored by the CBVA.

They also joined the AVCA agreeing to provide them with the ball used

in volleyball events in the sand and sponsored by the American

Volleyball Coaches Association.

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