Basic Skills in Volleyball Blocking

Learn basic skills in volleyball blocking on Improve Your Volleyball

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Learn basic skills in volleyball blocking

Learn basic skills in volleyball blocking on Improve Your

Volleyball.  You'll find pictures  plus short summaries of all the

information provided about blocking on the following pages.

Blocking in Volleyball

On the Blocking In Volleyball page you'll find a series of terms that

involve blocking with or without  the help of  teammate beside you.

Find out what it means to one-on-one block, to swing block and find

out what a triple block actually is.

And yes, to answer your question, a triple block does involve three


The Volleyball Block

You'll find a breakdown of the basic skills in volleyball blocking

that cover the ideal position your body should be in before,

during and after you block a ball. 

And if you're also looking for information regarding blocking for short

players? Then this is a good section to review and to return to often. 

First you'll find an explanation for where and how your feet

should be positioned followed by an explanation of where your

lower body parts should be in relation to the net.

Afterwards you'll be informed as to what you should be doing with your

shoulders, your head and how your hands and arms should be for the

proper volleyball blocking finish as well. 

This is a body part-by-body-part review of proper block technique in


After that I tell you what and who you should be watching while blocking

a volleyball, and I include tips on how to time your block jump when you

are trying to stop an opposing team's hitter from spiking the ball. 

Think about it.

If the timing of your block jump is such that you are reaching the

highest height of your jump while the hitter you are blocking is always

on her way down, then you will never be able to stop the ball

from coming into your court, which is the whole idea behind blocking

a ball anyway.

So if you are looking for tips on how to be a better blocker

by improving your timing against an opposing team's hitter, then

it's vital for you to read the information on this page.

Blocking Volleyball Strategies

In this section you'll read about the issues concerning how and

where you should line your body up against an oncoming hitter who

is hitting the line against you or even more commonly how to

position yourself up to block someone who is trying to spike cross

court against you and your team.

Your Pictures of Volleyball Players Blocking

Calling all volleyball photographers!

Included on the Volleyball Block page is a picture gallery of

volleyball players in all sorts of blocking action for readers who learn

by picking up visual clues and tips from seeing what collegiate and

beach players do in the images displayed.


If you're a college volleyball photographer, you have an invitation to

submit examples of your volleyball blocking photo action in this section.

Volleyball Blocking Terms

I saved the Blocking Terms page to define the block in

volleyball specifically for those beginner players or people looking for a

refresher course on the basic terminology for blocking.

After defining what the block actually is, I review additional

blocking terminology like closing the block, penetration, the seam

and I explain what a screen is before telling you what a middle

blocker is, what an outside blocker is and giving an explanation

about what these players responsibilities and roles are.

For more information dealing with skills and proper volleyball

blocking technique scroll down further for an explanation of this

defensive net skill many players find tricky to learn.

The Block In Volleyball

On the Block In Volleyball page I continue to define common

terminology that deals with specific actions that happen during the

blocking action.

You'll learn what seal the net means and what a stuff block is

before I explain what it means to read block.

Reading the block is an important skill all players should learn

especially shorter ones.

This ability to interpret what a hitter plans to do before or while she is

doing it allows players to anticipate where to set up their block

based on what they see the hitter do.

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