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Bay Area Volleyball Clubs: Quake VBC

Bay area volleyball clubs like Quake VBC offer high level training to local

girls volleyball players.

The Quake Volleyball Club is a relatively small club that was founded in

1998 and has a coaching staff that works primarily on a volunteer basis.

Open to volleyball girls 18 and under and 12 and under living in the San

Francisco, Peninsula and Bay areas, Quake Volleyball Club is committed

to providing a safe and positive environment and athletic atmosphere by

offering a range of competitive and developmental youth volleyball

training opportunities.

Quake Volleyball Teams At Regional and National Tournaments

Quake has five volleyball teams this year with two 18s, one 16, one 15

and one 14 volleyball team.

As a member of the Northern California Volleyball region the oldest

volleyball team in this club, the 18s have participated in the California

Kickoff Volleyball Tournament, the Power League Qualifiers, and the 24th

edition of the annual Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament.

Their 16s volleyball team played in the California Kickoff, the Power

League Qualifiers (where they had a winning record on the second day),

the President's Day Volleyball Tournament, the Southern California

Qualifier, the Far Western Volleyball Tournament and are training and

preparing to play volleyball in the Power League Region Volleyball

Championship in May.

The 15s volleyball team is showing a steady pace of improvement and

this evident with the tournament success they've achieved thus far this

year finishing 56th in the 16 Open Division of the California Kickoff, 38th

place in the 18 Club Division of the California Kickoff, on Day 2 of the

Power League Qualifier they were 89th overall in the Evergreen Division

and 32nd in the 15s Division.

In the President's Day Volleyball Tournament out of 172 teams they

placed 64th and were second place in the Truman and Barkley division.

In the Southern California Qualifier, out of 144 volleyball teams they tied

for 79th in the 16 Club Division and at the Far Western's out of 98

teams they finished 38 with a third place in the Bronze division.

At the Power League Region Championships they finished ninth in the

Bronze Division. Look for this 15s team to continue to improve and

register more notches in the win column in the next few seasons.

This summer they are scheduled to compete in the High Roller Volleyball

Tournament, the last one of the season.

The 14s volleyball team, coached by Charles Lee and Bou Tonga have a

competitive group of eighth graders who've competed in the Area

League Qualifier and the Area Leagues 1 and 2 where they achieved 50-

50 records winning half and losing half of their volleyball games.

In Area League 3 they showed some determination finishing with a 3-1

record. They also competed in the Far Western Volleyball Tournament

and Area League 4 and I think this volleyball team has nothing but

improvement to look forward to if they keep working hard.

Quake Volleyball Club is located in Belmont, California on Old County


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