The Beach Volleyball Set

Fine Tune Your Sand Setting Skills

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An important rule for the beach volleyball set is for you to remember to

face the direction where you want the ball to go before and while you

are setting the ball to your target.

This is valid whether you are setting a ball to your teammate or whether

you are shoot setting the ball across the net into the opposing team's

court as an attack.

Continue reading to find out what I mean.

 Always Face In The Direction You're Setting

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This simply means that a player can't have their body face one direction

and then while setting re-direct the ball outside the plane of their body

in another direction to set the volleyball to their teammate or to get the

ball over the net.

When trying to improve your beach volleyball set, remember that

those crafty over the shoulder "now you see me look here, but I'm

going to set the ball over there" types of sets will be called for

throws by the ref as setting violations every time.

Wherever the direction is that your body faces, is where you are

allowed to set the volleyball ball.

You always want to get into position first to make a beach volleyball

set which means you want to avoid running and setting at the same time

as much as possible.

Whether you need to set the ball to a target in front of you or to one 

in back of you, as long as the ball stays within the plane of your body,

and comes out of your hands cleanly without being held and with a

minimum amount of spin on the ball then the chances are high that

you've made a legal sand volleyball set.

Setting A Beach Volleyball: Reduce Your Chances Of Throwing A Ball

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Chances are you may want to increase the times you choose to bump

your beach volleyball set instead of using your hands for your overhand

pass in order to avoid or reduce the possibility of being called for a

throw or a double contact.

There is nothing more frustrating than to be involved in a hard fought

match, going back and forth with an opposing beach team

getting balls up in defense, tying the score, and then at a crucial part

of the game when you are tired and exhausted, being called for a throw

because you were too tired to get your body directly underneath the

ball to make a clean, legal beach volleyball set to your partner.

One of the possible reasons why the referee decided to call your set for

a double contact is because your hands didn't make contact with the

ball at the same time so this added some uneven spin to the ball as it

came out of your hands.

So this results in a "double contact"  foul being whistled by the referee

at that moment and worst of all you realize that you just gave the ball

to the opposing team for a point that could have been yours.

Instead, in those moments where there are long rallies, especially for

players who aren't indoor setters or haven't been playing the beach

game for long, by bumping the beach volleyball set instead of using

your hands, you maintain a much better chance of controlling the ball,

getting a good set to your partner despite the fact that you may be

totally and completely exhausted. 

Beach Volleyball Setting: Avoid The Deep Dish

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When training beach volleyball setting skills some players try to

use the deep dish set for a couple of reasons. 

Some male players do it because they think it looks cool and they want

to do what the it looks like the pro players do.

Others do it because they think it's the only way to take the spin off of

the ball.

There are other female players who will use the deep dish type of

set because the beach volleyball  ball is heavier than the indoor

ball and the weight of the ball plus it's downward momentum will

cause them to bring the ball down lower than they usually do when they

set with a lighter ball.

When I say lower I mean that they let the ball fall lower than their chin

and closer to their chest level before they push the ball back in the air

in order to set it to their partner.

If you have to absolutely deep dish properly, you need to be able to set

the ball back into the air, after it's dropped past your chin to your chest

with an overhand set.

Then you need to deliver a ball to your partner with virtually no spin or

rotation on the ball.

The problem with deep dishing is that you are increasing the chances

of having the referee call you for holding or lifting the ball.

Here are some things you want to remember for your beach set


a)while setting the ball on the beach the ball shouldn't come to

an absolute complete stop.

b) Another thing that shouldn't happen when you set the volleyball, is

that similar to the indoor rules you are not allowed to touch the ball by

using the palms of your hands.

If you use your palms when you set the ball, you are forced to push

the ball or lift it back in the air.

Unfortunately that isn't setting the volleyball correctly, according to

the beach volleyball rules. That action is a violation which the referee

will whistle you for, so why take the chance?

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