College Volleyball Player Amanda Vialpando

Improve Your Volleyball interviews inspiring college volleyball player Amanda Vialpando

Improve Your Volleyball interviews college volleyball player Amanda


Improve Your Volleyball: What makes you special?

"I think what makes me special is that I'm never satisfied with my


Even with this past weekend, the stats said I did well but

I felt that I could have done better. That makes me push myself each

and every time. "

Improve Your Volleyball: What accessories and/or equipment help you play your best?

"I have an elbow pad that I wear on my right elbow because I have bony


I didn't wear it before so it used to hurt when I dove for a ball

and prevented me from diving. Ever since I've worn it I basically go for

every ball no matter how far away it is."

Improve Your Volleyball: What pregame habits, rituals, or superstitions do you have to do before every game?

"Pre game I listen to my ipod.

I blast my eardrums away unfortunately.

I have to listen to underground hip hop. Also, I usually style my hair

based off of how well I did last game.

So if it was straight last time I'll do it straight ... if it was curly last game I'll

do it curly again."

Improve Your Volleyball: Who or what inspires you to play well in each match that you play in?


"My team inspires me to play well because we play for each other

and I don't want to let them down.

Also, my little sister inspires me because I want her to play college

volleyball too, so I want her to see how much I've progressed and

have her say 'I want to be like my sister'.

Finally, stats inspire me to play well since I look at them after

every game. And if I don't do well I tell myself next game I can't be

messing up, I have to go harder on the court." 

What did inspiring college volleyball player Amanda Vialpando do this week? 


University of Riverside college volleyball player Amanda Vialpando

was voted the Big West Conference Player of the Week by the

leagues head coaches.

Amanda led the UC Riverside women's volleyball team to a 2-1

record at the Stockton Hilton Invitational

Vialpando opened the weekend tournament with an 11-kill, seven-

dig performance in UC Riverside’s 3-0 win over Loyola Marymount  

Later  that day Amanda registered a career-high .395 hitting 

percentage against Cal State Bakersfield helping her team get their 

second consecutive sweep. 

Vialpando, a Moreno Valley, CA, native notched her first of 

two double-doubles on the week with 19 kills and 11 digs against 

the Roadrunners.     


Her second double-double came the following day when she 

topped her previous performance with 21 kills and 14 digs in the 

Highlanders’ 3-1 loss to San Jose State.

For the week, she averaged 5.1 kills and 3.2 digs per contest, while 

hitting .322    Vialpando’s efforts earned her a spot on the Hilton 

Stockton All-Tournament Team 

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