The College Volleyball Tournament Season

The college volleyball tournament season begins each year at the end of


In NCAA volleyball, collegiate female volleyball players end their summer

break at the beginning of August and report back to their university's

training camp.

Preseason collegiate volleyball training camps  last for two weeks and

consist of rigid indoor practice two times a day, strength training

sessions usually three times a week, and some time of cardio or sprint

workouts two times a week.

This is a general description of what the majority of teams usually do,

although some teams may vary the frequency with which they do this

type of regimen.

The college volleyball training season use to allow coaches to have

up to three practices a day.

When I say three practices that means three two-and-a-half to three

hour volleyball practices in a gym, in addition to whatever strength

training or running workout scheduled for that day.

That's what it was like when I was a volleyball scholarship athlete at

the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Three-a-day practices plus a one hour early early morning track workout

or a one hour weight training workout in addition to anywhere from

seven to nine hours of indoor volleyball practices.

In the 1990's the NCAA decided that three-a-day practices wastoo

excessive and limited the hours that coaches could have their teams in

the gym for indoor training.

At the most, college volleyball teams can have two indoor volleyball

training sessions a day.

When the training camp period ends, some coaches will schedule

one or more scrimmages, also called friendlies.

These are friendly games or scrimmages which allow teams their first

preseason competition opportunities against other opposing college


Its the first opportunity for college coaches to try out team offenses,

defense strategies and to test the starting team lineups and


Starting team lineups are the "starting six" usually the strongest six

players during preseason training camp as the strongest mentally,

emotionally and physically and have proven to their coaching staff

worthy to start on the court each and every game of the season.

The Collegiate Tournament Season Starts

The college volleyball tournament season starts usually the third or

fourth week after the first day of training camp.

Every weekend starting in September, many teams will attend a college

tournament hosted by a team in or outside of their conference.

Many times a team will host their own college volleyball tournament

using their home stadium or gym as the central location for where all the

matches take place.

Participating teams will fly, drive or bus ride into the hosting city, stay

at nearby university host hotels, eat at restaurants close to the school

or university especially those who may have decided to sponsor the

tournament and spend one but usually two days competing against the

other four to five NCAA, or NAIA school teams invited to participate in

the hosting college tournament.

Which Volleyball Tournament Will You Attend?

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