Colorado State Womens Volleyball Player Katelyn Steffan

Colorado State Womens Volleyball Player Katelyn SteffanColorado State Womens Volleyball Player Katelyn Steffan

Improve Your Volleyball interviews Colorado State  womens volleyball

player Katelyn Steffan.

Improve Your Volleyball: What makes you special?    

I'd say the fact that I'm 6-4.

Not a lot of girls have a height advantage on me.


Improve Your Volleyball: What accessories and/or equipment help you play your best? 

I wear a hair tie on my left shoe. I always play with it there. That way,

if one of my teammates or I need it, I'm always prepared.

Improve Your Volleyball: What pregame habits, rituals, or superstitions do you have to do before every game?

I always have to chew gum during warmups, but never during the game.

Improve Your Volleyball: Who or what inspires you to play well in eachvolleyball match that you play?

I always play for my family, specifically my parents. And also to

represent my hometown.


Colorado State Volleyball Coach Tom Hilbert Volleyball Quote about Katelyn


"Kate was the sole reason we won the match," Hilbert said after CSU's

five-set thriller on Thursday. "That was the best I've ever seen her


What did inspiring Colorado State womens volleyball player Katelyn Steffan  do this week? 

Katelyn Steffan was voted the Co Mountain West Conference 

Volleyball Player of the Week by the leagues head volleyball  


Katelyn Steffan had the weekend of her career, and in result, was 

honored with the Co-Mountain West Player of the Week award, the 

conference announced Monday.

Steffan, led Colorado State University to a 2-0 record last week, 

maintaining first place in the conference standings after recording 46 

kills in two matches.

She began the week by setting a career high with 28 kills, shattering 

her previous high (21) in a 3-2 win over UNLV in Las Vegas on Thursday. 

She also had two blocks, five digs and an assist in the match.


Steffan followed up that performance with 18 kills and five blocks

in a 3-1 win at San Diego State on Sunday.  She also had three assists, two

aces and six digs in the televised match from San Diego.


For the week, Steffan averaged 5.11 kills, 0.78 blocks, 1.22 digs and

0.44 assists per set, while hitting .400. She averaged 5.72 points per

set over nine total sets.


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photo courtesy of CSU Athletics.

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