General Volleyball Rules For Uniforms

Recent rule changes regarding
specific volleyball attire 

General volleyball rules about uniforms: Pro player wearing a skort. (Jaroslaw Popczyk)General volleyball rules about uniforms: Pro player wearing a skort. (Jaroslaw Popczyk)

There are some general rules for your team's uniforms that are

being enforced by attentive referees and game officials . 

Some of these rules are well known and others ...not so much.  I will

review a few here so you become familiar with them and hopefully

avoid any future issues. 

Let's start with a team's shoes and socks. 

This seems like one of the simplest general volleyball rules for the lower

body part of the uniform but did you know that neither the socks nor the

shoes of each player on a team need to match?

For example, if all the players on a team are wearing blue socks and

one player is wearing yellow socks, then the team is still allowed to

compete in the scheduled match without penalty, because USA

Volleyball  uniform guidelines  allow for players to wear different colored

and different styled shoes. 

Another example would be in case all players on a team are wearing

Mizuno volleyball shoes and one player is wearing a different brand of

volleyball shoe, the team will still be allowed to play, regardless. 

General Volleyball Rules About Team Jerseys

Did you know that members of your team are not allowed to put a zero in

front of any numbers less than ten (10) on their jersey?

So, if you're a team captain or coach that is facing an opposing team

with players that have jerseys with numbers that are less than zero but are

printed with a zero in front of them like "09" or "03" it would be in right to

point that out to the referee as being an illegal number. 

The uniform numbers that are zero to nine "0 - 9 ' must not have a zero as

the first number on their jersey.

So a jersey with the number 8 should never be "08" or a player with a "5"

on his or her jersey can never sport a jersey printed as "05" on their


In other words, numbers less than ten should be printed on a player's

volleyball jersey as a single digit. 

And that also means that a jersey with "00" on it would be an illegal

number as well. 

If you're a coach ordering new jerseys don't plan on allowing any of

your players to wear a jersey with a double zero on it. 

With the growing popularity of arm and elbow sleeves, one of the

general volleyball rules allows for teams to have one of more players

wearing them without penalty. 

In fact the arm sleeve is considered a brace which distinguishes it from

being an undergarment. If it were an undergarment, and if two or more

players were wearing them, then these "undergarments" would have to

look the same and be the same color. 

The rule states that "any undergarments worn by two or more players

must be the same color and must "be similar." 

Here's another example, let's say a volleyball team has a middle blocker

with a long sleeve white t-shirt underneath her jersey because she's still

recovering from a cold while everybody else on her team except the

setter is wearing their usual 3/4 sleeve jerseys with no undergarments

peeking out from underneath any of their sleeves. 

In this case, a second player on the same team, the setter was wearing a

t-shirt underneath her jersey, then according to a general volleyball rule

created by  USA Volleyball she would be obligated to wear the same

color (which is white) and style (which is long sleeve) of undergarment 

as her middle blocking teammate has on. 

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