Girls Volleyball Camps

Summer Volleyball Camps For Girls Are Growing In Specialization And Popularity

Girls Volleyball Camps Are Offered at Parks, Gyms And Recreational Facilities All Over The Country

Every year, collegiate team coaches host their own university volleyball

camp on their school campus like the popular University of Texas

volleyball camps, led by Longhorns Head coach Jerritt Elliott

or the Penn State volleyball camp headed by director Russ Rose,

head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions Volleyball Team.

Penn State Head Coach Russ Rose
photo by Penn State News

University volleyball camps take place during the summer months

of June, July and August and usually offer two types of camp


Commuter Camps

There are a variety of camps a university coach will offer, first let me

talk about the type called commuter camps.

Commuter camps offer local and area players the ability to commute

back and forth from there nearby and surrounding area neighborhoods to

the school or university camp site location on a daily basis.

During the winter months, players will pre-register online and pay to

attend all three days of camp which they will attend by travelling to and

from their home with parents or car pools with teammates arranged by

their high school coaches.

Most camp directors and camp organizers will offer an early bird 

deadline date by which players can pay camp registration and fees at a

lower price.

University of San Francisco Hosts Girls Volleyball Camps On Campus

photo by Shaun Calhoun

After that particular date then fees for camp registration will go up and

attendees will have to pay more to attend that volleyball camp.

Commuter camp prices will vary depending on what university camp you

attend but they will almost always be lower than what you pay for

overnight residential camps.

Overnight Residential Camps

Bring your sleeping bag and stay a while!

The college volleyball camp offers commuter camps which are

targeted to local school teams and area players while the overnight

residential camps allow out-of-state teams and players who live further

away to register and participate in the university volleyball camp


Overnight residential camps allow players to stay on the university

campus overnight to sleep in the dorms after the one-a-day,

two-a-day or three-a-day volleyball practice sessions have

concluded each day.

Participants paying for overnight residential housing at these girls

volleyball camps get to see what its like to sleep in a college dorm and

to live for three days on campus as if they were a college student.

For high school volleyball players interested in attending a certain

college or university, this is an awesome way they can attend one of

the girls volleyball camps hosted by that school, to get a feel for what

its like to be on that campus and get up close and personal with the

school's players.

Overnight residential campers, in many cases will pay twice as much as

commuter campers since they are paying to sleep and sometimes eat on

the campus premises.

Click here to see a listing of volleyball camps for 2014

hosted by Division I NCAA coaches.

Olympians Host Girls Volleyball Camps Nationwide

There are other summer volleyball camps scheduled in various cities all

over the country that are conducted by current and former professional

players like the Misty May Treanor Dream in Gold camps and the Pat

Powers VB Clinics which sell out regularly.

The reputation of these gold medal winning Olympians helps fill their girls

volleyball camps to maximum capacity and are often sold out for months

in advance.

                  The Nike Volleyball Camp

There are independent organizations hosting their own annual

girls volleyball camps during the summertime like the Nike Volleyball

Camps, held in numerous states throughout the country.

Nike offers overnight residential camp options where their sessions

are hosted on the campuses of various colleges and universities in

California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts,

Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina,

Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

All American Volleyball Camps

In 2012, I hosted the first All American Volleyball Camp in Las Vegas and

I will be hosting three more coed volleyball camps in 2014 scheduled for

the late July, early August and one week before school starts, the third

week in August at the Stupak Recreation and Dula Recreation Centers

here in Las Vegas.

Girls Volleyball Players at the

2013 Las Vegas All American Volleyball Camps

All American Volleyball Camps were created in the 1990s by Steve

Pickering, one of the former assistant coaches at the University of

Tennessee Knoxville who coached me when I was a player there in


Steve came up with a unique format for his girls volleyball camps.

He only hired former All American collegiate players, All Conference

players and/or professional volleyball players who travelled to conduct

camps on location at high schools or middle schools in Arizona, Colorado,

Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana,

Nebraska,  New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and


Steve offers a three-day skills camps for individual campers and teams

with 15 hours of instruction that's tailored to a coach's specific needs.

The All American Volleyball camp advantage is that campers save on the

usual travel, food and lodging camp fees since AAVB are satellite camps

where the instructors come to your school or neighborhood to conduct

camp sessions which saves you money. 

I loved my experience working as an All American Volleyball Camp coach

where I travelled to Alaska, Oregon and Washington to conduct camps

for several years.

Beginner Volleyball Camps

Don't want to commute to a three day volleyball camp everyday?

Most beginner volleyball players aren't use to the rigorous schedule of 8

hour or 15 hours of instruction offered in most girls volleyball camps.

There are numerous youth volleyball camps that offer one day and half

day sessions for elementary aged players as well.

The girls volleyball camps offered to young players usually have larger

sized volleyballs made with softer leather and organizers lower the

height of the net so shorter and younger players enjoy the game thanks

to the modified equipment.

Although there are a growing number of volleyball camps for adults and

for elementary age kids, the majority of girls volleyball camps are offered

to middle school and high school aged players.

Basic Volleyball Skills Camps

As a young player, if this is your first experience, you may want to

attend a basic skills camp.

These come in all forms and you should expect to learn all the basic

volleyball skills like setting, serving, passing, spiking,defense and

blocking in three, sometimes two sessions throughout the

day for one, two or multi-day camps.

Advanced Skills Camps

Girls volleyball camps for players with advanced skills are usually three

or more days like the High Performance volleyball camps hosted by USA


With three-day camps you'll find that there are 15-18 training hours so

that's a morning and afternoon session that lasts for three hours while a

four-day camp averages 21 to 24 or more training hours.

One of the first things to expect as a camper is to be selected by the

camp coaches in a group of other players based on your skill level.

Once you are in your group then you and the other girls should all have

about the same skill level so that you all can participate in skill-

appropriate drills.

This way you won't get discouraged easily because you've been placed

with a group of players that have a lot more experience than you do, or

you won't get bored because you are grouped with players who don't

play as well as you do.

Being placed in a group with other players that have the same skill level

as you do makes it easier to make friends and to enjoy the camp

experience also!

Volleyball Team Camps

There are volleyball team camps for high school junior varsity and

varsity girls that are designed to offer team building activities, skill

development, team drills for offensive and defensive systems and often

end with a volleyball tournament for participants.

Team camps allow coaches to get coaching lessons and to ask "how to"

questions about offensive and defensive strategies, rotations and new

volleyball drills that the camp coach can teach the school coach. 

Middle School Volleyball Day Camp

Middle school volleyball day camps are for girls with little experience

and who want to learn the game. 

They usually serve as an introductory camp that focuses on all of the

basic skills, volleyball rules and concepts of the game

One-day positional skills camps present a less expensive

option, if you don't want to attend an overnighter and is ideal for the

young player looking for more specialized training in a specific



These types of girls volleyball camps are usually available for

players entering grades 6-12 with varying amounts of training and


Players are usually grouped by age and ability and receive training and

drill instruction specific to a particular skill.

What's great about these types of camps is that they are usually more

affordable than overnight camps.

Volleyball Setters Camps

A setters camp is one of those girls volleyball camps where players

concentrate on setting techniques and training repetitions in footwork,

decision making, leadership and various play sets.

For advanced instruction, young female players are trained in advanced

concepts that typically include setting various quick sets and running a

volleyball team offense.

Libero Volleyball Camps

One day or multi-day libero volleyball camps are available to those

players who are concerned about their defense and back court game.

The defensive volleyball instruction covers forearm

passing, serve receive, individual defensive techniques and team

defensive systems.

Your goal when you attend this type of clinic is to be able to play the

back row successfully, regardless of the regular position you play.

Volleyball Boot Camps

Girls volleyball players can even attend volleyball boot camps

that offer opportunities for you to radically improve your talents.

There are some boot camps that may offer sessions for volleyball

video breakdown and review, movement training, and a lot of

competition and group games.

Players learn how to improve their ball control, increase ball delivery

accuracy and expand their repertoire of specific skills.

You'll find that a lot of boot camps are offered in late July and early

August, so that girls volleyball players can get off on the right foot for

their high school volleyball team season.

I offer my own series of boot camp classes and clinics year round here

in Las Vegas at Stupak Recreation Center.

Check out more information about

local volleyball camps in the pages below.

Volleyball College Camps

Girls Volleyball Camps

Youth Volleyball Camps for Hitters

College Volleyball Camps

Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp For High School Players

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The Weekly Award-winning Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp Class Schedule


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Volleyball Voice

Boot Camp Classes

receive the

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Best Sports Program in Nevada 

  • Monday Volleyball Class (ages 11 - 14) - Stupak Community Center 6 - 7:30
  • Tuesday Volleyball Class (ages 13 - 18) - Mirabelli Community Center 6 - 7:30
  • Wednesday Advanced/Varsity Only Class - Chuck Minker Sports Complex - 4:30 - 6pm - Contact Coach April first before coming if you've never been
  • Thursday Volleyball Class (ages 13 - 18) - Stupak Community Ctr. 6 - 7:30
  • Friday Advanced/Varsity Only Skill Clinics (ages 13 - 18) - Veteran's Memorial Summerlin - 5pm - 6pm - Contact Coach April before coming first if you've never been 
  • Friday Volleyball Class (ages 9 - 13) - Veteran's Memorial Leisure Services 6 - 7:30

Boot Camp Volleyball Class Requirements

  • No online registration for Volleyball Voice Boot Camp classes
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before class begins
  • Pay $10 at front desk
  • Kneepads mandatory
  • Classes close at 6:05, latecomers will not be admitted
  • You WILL sweat

Monthly Monday 
Advanced Training 

Breakfast Club 60

About Breakfast Club 60

  • Four Mondays 4pm - 5pm
  • 60 minute intense Training
  • Class Max 12 - Coed
  • Ages 14 - 18
  • No Beginners
  • Varsity/Adv/Elite Skill level
  • Breakfast Club/USAVHP
  • Registration is Open
  • Stupak Community Ctr 
  • Pay $195 for a four class pack Breakfast Club 60 
  • Pay $195 late registration (1-3 Mondays)

Elite training for very advanced hard working players who INTEND to play volleyball in college.

Exclusive opportunity to train with teammates/friends with similar high goals and are ready to push YOU and themselves to improve. 

Not for the curious, weak hearted or distracted player, we do more in 60 minutes than most clubs and teams do in three hours. 

If you’ve never attended a Breakfast Club class contact Coach April BEFORE registering.

Brunch Club 60

About Brunch Club 60

  • Four Mondays 5pm - 6pm
  • 60 minute intensive Training
  • Class Max 12 - Coed
  • Ages 13 - 15
  • No Beginners
  • Intermediate Skill level
  • Registration is Open
  • Stupak Community Ctr 
  • Pay $195 for a four class pack Breakfast Club 60 
  • Pay $195 late registration (1-3 Mondays)

Perfect for regular Boot Camp class players and players who've ALREADY played on a City of Las Vegas/NYS Elite local league team and who're interested in more advanced training and/or trying out for the Volleycats Elite 14s/15s/ local team competing in June/July/August. 

Private and Semi Private Lessons with Coach April
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Ten (10) - intensive 60-minute sessions of semi-private (small groups of six) volleyball practices 

Sessions are a specially designed mix of skills conducted by Coach April within the one hour session

  • Private training class pack is $1050 for 10 classes. This includes gym rental fee 
  • Semi-private training class pack is $850 for 10 classes. This includes gym rental fee  

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