Las Vegas Volleyball Camp For Girls High School Volleyball Players Presented By Volleyball


Volleyball presents the Las Vegas Volleyball Boot camp for boys and girls high school volleyball players.

High school volleyball players are invited and encouraged to sign up for this camp which is offered on Saturdays from 12 to 2 at Hollywood Park and Recreational Center on Hollywood Blvd in East Las Vegas at the base of Sunrise Mountain.

(The Rec Center is on the same street as Las Vegas High School.)

Boot Camp is free, but it cost $2 to enter the Rec Center to participate.

Who is the Volleyball Voices Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp For?

Girls and boys high school volleyball players (B Team, Jr Varsity and Varsity) participate on school teams who may or may not be able to afford to pay for club volleyball.

High school volleyball players now have a Saturday option where they will receive more individual attention and can develop their individual skills and improve her technique.

Volleyball Voices recognizes that an efficient way to assist high school volleyball players help their club volleyball or high school volleyball team and increase playing time is to provide an environment where players can concentrate on improving their individual skill level, receive feedback on proper technique from expert coaches and former pro players, and provide many opportunities to perform dozens of repetitions designed to improve individual volleyball skill performance.

The Volleyball Voices Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp is created to be a tool, a resource that high school volleyball players can rely on to reach their individual goals.

Why should you sign up for this Las Vegas volleyball camp?

�¨Liberos, can you pass 10 - 25 balls in a row anywhere from the back row right to your setter, consistently?

�¨Starters, can you serve ten balls down the line to the left back corner in a row, consistently?

�¨Setters, can you set 15 high balls in a row to your left or right outside hitter so they can take a four-step spike approach each time?

�¨Bench players, are you looking for a way to improve your ball control and get lots of reps to touch the ball and improve your skills?

If you are a high school volleyball player on a Las Vegas High school volleyball team that can do all these things, then you don�t need us.

But if you cant, here is a fantastic opportunity to get personalized coaching and improve your individual volleyball skills.

About Head Coach April Chapple

Las Vegas Volleyball Camp Head Coach April Chapple has coached volleyball coaches since 1996 as the "Five Quick Tips" columnist for the (AVCA) American Volleyball Coaches Association's bi-monthly "Coaching Volleyball" magazine.

April is the creator of the college volleyball news blog Volleyball and this web site Inspiring Female Volleyball

As a volleyball journalist and photographer, April has written and published over 100 articles online and off about playing and coaching elite volleyball on, Las Vegas Sports Magazine, Volleyball Magazine, USA Volleyball, and on her volleyball web sites including Volleyball and

April is the author of the e-booklets "How To Stop Serving Like A Wimp" and "86 Girls Indoor Volleyball Tips: How to Gain Confidence on the Volleyball Court" available at

April is a four-time All-American and the second volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The California native is a former US National Team member who represented the US in the indoor women�fs professional Italian league for more than eight years.


A finalist in the Italian league championships, the Italian Cup tournament and the European Cup of Cups tournament, April was a first round draft pick and 1st Team All Pro in both the indoor Major League Volleyball (New York Liberties) and the Bud Light Four Person Beach Volleyball League televised on ESPN.

Voted as the Four-Person League�fs Best Left Side Hitter, April has played beach volleyball on the (WPVA) Women's Professional Beach Volleyball Association, (AVP) Association of Volleyball Professionals, been an Italian 3x3 Beach Volleyball Champion, held a number one ranking in the (CBVA) California Beach Volleyball Association, played in (FIVB ) International Federation of Beach Volleyball events with four-time Olympian Danielle Scott-Aruda and won the Manhattan Beach Volleyball 6-Man title twice.

Former teammates include three-time Olympian, Olympic MVP and silver medalist Paula Weishoff, two-time Olympian Elaina Oden, her sister two-time Olympic captain Kim Oden, three-time Olympian Tammy Liley, AVP pro Dianne DeNecochea and Heather Hafner, and beach legends and Olympians Carolyn Kirby, Liz Masakayan and Mary Jo Peppler and many European and South American Olympians.

April has travelled the world as an elite professional indoor and beach volleyball professional for many years and has been coached by some of the top volleyball coaches in the world including Taras Lyskevich, Russ Rose, Bob Bertucci, Claudio Piazza, Mick Haley, Mary Jo Peppler, Nina Matthies, Elaine Roque, Mark Barber, Pat Zartman, Joel De Necochea, and Claudio Cuello to name a few.

High school volleyball players and/or their parents can request more information about the Las Vegas volleyball camp by emailing

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