Local Volleyball Camps Build Confidence

Volleyball College Camps Offer 
Offseason Training

Local Volleyball Camps: Increased Registration Due To The Variety Of Camps Offering Specialized Off Season Training

Camps for volleyball have become so specialized that regardless

of what grade a player is in, or whether you are a beginner or

advanced, youth, middle school, high school junior varsity or varsity

player, it is possible to find a volleyball camp specifically for your


Let me clarify.

That means that despite whatever position you may play

or if you want to participate in a camp by yourself or attend one with

your school team, it is possible to find a camp or a clinic that fits your


When I went to camp, practically all of the college and local volleyball

camps being offered for high school players were "all" skills training

camps lasting three days and offering three three-hour sessions for a

total of nine hours of volleyball a day.

That meant that by attending only one camp I learned about all six

basic volleyball skills in that three day camp.

That was then.

Times have changed and so have the many different local volleyball

camps currently being offered on college campuses around the country.

And when I say all over the country, I mean all over the entire country

because everybody seems to be offering camps  for volleyball these

days, from high schools who find ways to keep their teams training

together to qualified collegiate coaches to current and former

professional players who fill their down time with classes and clinics that

teach beginners the game

Now, parents have a smorgasbord of options where they can send their

daughters and sons who are interested in learning the game, because

there are beginner volleyball camps for new players or college volleyball

camps for players who are looking for advanced training in order to 

meet their specific goals.

Its just a matter of picking the right one that meets your goals.

Local Volleyball Camps For Liberos

For example, local volleyball camps for liberos are for defensive

specialists, liberos and players who want to learn about improving their

skills in the back court.

What's usually taught at these types of camps are individual and team

defense skills and strategies,

Defensive specialists also learn how to serve and where to serve a

volleyball for maximum points and effectiveness.

Most importantly liberos and back court players learn new drills and

ways to improve their serve receive along with the

technique and skill it takes to consistently pass the ball in a way to set

up the offense.

Here's what I think is pretty cool about these local volleyball camps

for liberos and players who want to play in the back court positions.

Liberos, who are usually the shortest players on high school volleyball

teams around the city or in many cases around the country, will register

to attend these local volleyball camps and they will find themselves

surrounded by other short or shorter volleyball players.

University of Texas San Antonio Volleyball Libero In Defense

photo by Michael E. Johnston

These volleyball players get to see how important and integral they are

to the success of their team and they get to reinforce each other's

confidence and learn to support and teach each other how to

appreciate their own and each other's abilities.

Butler Volleyball Libero Passing A Ball

photo by R. Leslie Dalmore

Local volleyball camps for liberos, like other specialized camps are

important places for volleyball liberos and defensive specialists to find

each other, share stories and experiences, to bond and to learn from

each other's successes and mistakes.  

Butler Volleyball Team Celebrating A Point With Their Libero

photo by R. Leslie Dalmore

After all, playing volleyball, is learning about teamwork and building self

esteem and self confidence, right?

This way if you are a libero at one of these local volleyball camps you'll

be surrounded by other liberos and defensive specialists.

You can share and compare stories, you can bond and vent with other

liberos like yourself, you will learn things from each other, cry together

and create long lasting friendships.

The Most Frequently Asked Question
From Short Volleyball Players

Shorter female volleyball players especially young ones who have such a

high level of competitiveness and desire to play, but are

surrounded by tall girls, which often makes them feel self conscious, out

of place and has them questioning whether their contributions and

role on their team is valuable, often ask me one question.

The question is "Can short girls play volleyball and can they make a


Yep, they sure can. And there are roles like the libero volleyball position

that they can excel in and be great at.

Another volleyball position to consider playing is that of the setter.

Local Volleyball Camps For Setters

Michigan Volleyball Setter

photo by Joy Van Buhler

If you're a parent with a volleyball setter in your household, then you

might want to look into sending her to one of the volleyball setter

camps being offered on local college campuses nationwide.

What's cool about attending one of these local volleyball camps for

setters on a college campus is that often one of the coaches on the

camp staff is the current college team's setter or the coach of that

university team's setters.

Talk about putting yourself in a great position to get valuable feedback

about your skills!

Or how about getting all those questions answered that you always

wanted to ask a collegiate coach or player if you were to meet one in


Young volleyball setters can expect to learn the fine points of running a

team's offense, they learn how to deliver different types of volleyball

sets and , how to outsmart the opposing team's block and they should

also receive tips on how to be a leader on the court since the setter in

volleyball is considered the quarterback of the team.

Click here to learn more about volleyball setter camps.

Local Volleyball Camps For Hitters

We can't talk about local volleyball camps and leave the hitters and

blockers out.

Creighton Volleyball Hitter Against A Double Block

photo by White and Blue Review

Hitters can learn more about their craft at local volleyball camps

especially the ones created specifically to train front row specialists,

which are the players in the hitting and blocking positions.

If you want to get even more focused training, some college coaches

offer outside hitter volleyball position camps and middle hitter volleyball

camp sessions and clinics as well.

Villanova Volleyball Hitting Warm Ups

photo by Charlie J

This quite often is the place where the taller volleyball girls on the team

learn how to bring the heat, they learn how to be aggressive and they

learn the importance of consistency.

Volleyball hitting and blocking techniques are covered and quite often

the setter clinic or camp is run concurrently so that hitters and setters

learn how they should work together in the front row.

Here's another benefit for players if you plan on sending yours to

one of these hitter/blocker camps.

Being the tallest girl on the volleyball team in high school may or may

not always be the most confidence building thing to do if you're a

female pre-teen or teen.

Remember those years full of doubt and uncertainty? I don't know about

you but I stuck out from the crowd because I was 5' 10' by the time I

was 14 when all my other friends were shorter.

5' 10" these days in some places is relatively short, so consider the 12,

13, or 14 year old who is six feet tall or taller?

Guess where you or your daughter can go to be surrounded by volleyball

girls that are as tall as she is, that have the same interests, that think

and act like her and with whom she can bond with, on all sorts of levels.

Butler Volleyball Team Celebrating A Point

photo by R. Leslie Dalmore

At that age, volleyball players are looking for other players that

they have something in common with and if you or your daughter, sister

or teammate is six feet tall, just being around other six footers can do a

lot for her or their own inner sense of girl power and self appreciation.

Local Volleyball Team Camps

There are commonly two types of local volleyball team camps.

There are those that take place on a college volleyball campus and are

attended by middle school teams or high school teams with coaches

who want their players to work together on practicing their

offensive and defensive strategies while receiving feedback

from college camp staff.

The other type of team camp is called a satellite camp.

A relatively recent "invention' by college volleyball teams, a satellite

camp is where a staff made up of collegiate team coaches and players

comes to your location and conducts a personalized camp experience

just for your team or players who've signed up to attend this satellite

camp event.

By your location, I mean your middle school or high school can host a

college volleyball camp staff on their school premises.

This type of camp can be tailored to your team's needs.

I call this type of volleyball camp the "a la carte camp" because high

school coaches can ask the college camp staff to focus on specific

skills after they've covered basic volleyball skill training.

Another added benefit of satellite camps is that the host school can

invite neighboring school teams and players to participate as well, which

may reduce the costs for the host school and its participants.

Skill Improvement At
Local Volleyball Camps

Improving volleyball skills is not the only reason you would consider

attending one of the college volleyball camps taking place around the

country this summer.

This is a great opportunity for young volleyball players to see

first hand what its like to be on a college campus, play in a college gym

and meet members of the college team, who often make up the majority

of the college camp coaching staff.

Its a great way to see if that is the school or university that she would

be interested in attending in the future.

Being able to ask questions about the university experience, both from

an athletic and academic standpoint goes a long way towards helping a

young player decide where they might consider going to school.

Attending one of these youth volleyball camps may also increase the

chances of a player meeting the camp director who often may happen

to be that college volleyball team's head coach.

And this concept works both ways, the head coach gets the chance to

see how a particular camper practices and plays as well.

Are you considering which volleyball camp you may want to attend this


Check out more information about

local volleyball camps in the pages below.

Volleyball College Camps

Girls Volleyball Camps

Youth Volleyball Camps for Hitters

College Volleyball Camps

Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp For High School Players

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Volleyball Camps

Headline Caption Photo of USF Volleyball Summer Camps

photo by Shaun Calhoun

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Exclusive opportunity to train with teammates/friends with similar high goals and are ready to push YOU and themselves to improve. 

Not for the curious, weak hearted or distracted player, we do more in 60 minutes than most clubs and teams do in three hours. 

If you’ve never attended a Breakfast Club class contact Coach April BEFORE registering.

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  • Pay $195 for a four class pack Breakfast Club 60 
  • Pay $195 late registration (1-3 Mondays)


Perfect for regular Boot Camp class players and players who've ALREADY played on a City of Las Vegas/NYS Elite local league team and who're interested in more advanced training and/or trying out for the Volleycats Elite 14s/15s/ local team competing in June/July/August. 

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