Official Sand Volleyball Rules

Here's a chance to become familiar with some of the official sand

volleyball rules established by the NCAA for collegiate competition.

Let's start with the sand volleyball court.

The size of the sand court is 8 meters by 8 meters. If we are talking

about 'feet' and 'inches' then the court should measure 26 feet and 3

inches for a square court.

Of course when playing on a sand court, there's no centerline.

I'm talking about that line that is parallel and underneath the net which

separates the two courts of the teams that are playing against each


That's not the only thing missing on a sand court.

Unlike an indoor court, there are no attack lines on an outdoor court.

So, if you find yourself looking for a ten foot line, you won't find one.

To be clear, according to the official sand rules the only lines

on a court are the boundary lines, which mark the outermost limits of

the court. These boundary lines should be anywhere from five

(5) to (8) eight centimeters wide. That's anywhere from (2) two to (3)

three and one-eighth inch wide.

That's why the boundary lines will look different depending on the

tournament you play in. You may see thin lines which are called "rope"

lines used in some sand tournaments or you might see organizers use

wider lines made of flexible soft material that's pliable if a player or the

ball lands on it.

Regardless of the lines used on the court, they must be a contrasting

color so they can be easily seen in the sand by the referee and by

opposing players on the other side.

One of the official sand rules regarding the court states that

there should be a minimum of twenty-three feet of open space above

the court. 

So no low hanging ceilings or basketball baskets or anything that can

interfere with the ball while its in play that is lower than twenty three

feet above the court.

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