My Official Volleyball Rules For Incoming College Freshmen

Rules In Volleyball For New Incoming Recruits

I have my own set of official volleyball rules that I recommend to 

female college freshmen.

Of course the basic official volleyball rules stay the same, but incoming

high school players transitioning into college volleyball often

experience a form of culture shock.

Pretty much the same kind of culture shock that happens when a tourist

visits a foreign country.

There are at least two physical adjustments incoming female

volleyball players should be prepared to make.

One of my first official volleyball rules girls planning to play in

college is that they need to know that the speed of the game is

greatly increased.

Freshmen female volleyball players must learn to do all their

volleyball skills at a much faster pace while staying confident, in

control and maintaining accuracy.

When asked by Volleyball Magazine, many of the top women's

coaches listed the number one adjustment that freshmen

have to make is having to adjust to the increased speed and tempo of

the college volleyball game.

In college, volleyball players regularly practice speeding up the pace

of the individual volleyball skills they need to perform. 

Passers routinely practice how to accurately deliver a lower, faster pass

to the setter.

Volleyball setters practice how to set lower, faster paced sets.

Outside hitters practice how to transition off the net faster and

how to hit a lower, faster set.

Liberos must learn how to dig a ball that's hit at them from a faster

and quicker set.

The advice from top college coaches is for freshmen players to learn

ways to increase their speed in order to become faster athletes on the


Hint: One way to do this is to run sprints on your own. You can make

doing a series of 100, 50 and 20 meter wind sprints a regular practice.

There are other volleyball conditioning methods high school

players can adopt as well.

Incoming freshmen female volleyball players should remember

that once they start playing in college, they're no

longer playing with high school players or club team

friends they grew up with.

Now they're playing with better players that are recruited

from all over (and often outside) the United States.

Another one of my official volleyball rules for playing in

college that high school players should learn is that they

will compete with and against tall female players, its just


This means that incoming freshmen will have to increase their physical


First year volleyball players must learn how to become physically

stronger athletes in order to increase their vertical jump, in order

to run faster, and in order hit the ball harder so they can be effective

against seasoned upperclass players on opposing teams.

Freshmen players will have to focus on developing, strengthening and

building their leg, core and butt muscles, which will help prepare them

physically against the stronger volleyball players they will play


To build and increase stamina so that they position themselves to be

able to give 100% effort in a 90" minute match, college volleyball

players must strengthen and build muscle.

In college volleyball, players are required to be able to

concentrate and maintain the same level of focus in the 35th

minute of a game that they had in the 10th minute of the game.

In order to combat against fatigue and exhaustion freshmen volleyball

players need to build muscle to keep up their strength and stamina.

If an incoming freshmen volleyball player's goal is to see regular

playing time on the college court then they need to know that they will

be expected to build muscle by adopting and following a strength and

conditioning program that will prepare them to maintain high energy and

strength levels.

This way in the fifth set of a match they can spike a volleyball, run

after and set a ball, or play defense with the same energy and

accuracy they used in the first set of the match. 

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