Set A Volleyball Like A Pro

Volleyball setter training for non setters, liberos and normal people like you and me. 

set-a-volleyball like a pro (Jaroslaw Popczyk)Volleyball Setter (Jaroslaw Popczyk)

How do you set a volleyball correctly?

Since my goal for you is to become a better setter,  I like to write articles

so that on your own, you'll be able to check yourself to see whether you

are setting the ball correctly.

Volleyball Setter Training
Watch Your Upper Body and Lower Body Positioning

In order to set a volleyball correctly, you want to check to be sure

that your body parts are in the right position to deliver a hittable ball. 

Ideally you want your whole body to be lined up underneath the ball

every time you get ready to set it.

Avoid leaning towards the ball, neither to your right or to your left

underneath the ball.

Also avoid leaning forward stretching your torso so your butt sticks out in

an effort to reach for the ball without moving your feet.

You want to line up your whole body underneath the ball starting with

your forehead.

So if you were to let the ball drop, it would drop on the flat part of your

forehead and bounce right back up into the air. 

Try that, its a great setting volleyball drill. 

Setter Training: Learn To Set A Volleyball Like A Pro 
Tip #2 Run Quickly To Get To The Ball

You want to run to position and place yourself underneath the ball,

let me say it again... should not be leaning to the ball but

The slightly squatted position will give you the power from your legs to

help you push the ball to your intended target once your fingers make

overhead contact with the ball. 

Wisconsin's Sydney Hilley getting setting reps in before the game!

Your body is erect and perpendicular while your legs are doing the


To become a better setter, its best to use your forehead and

your feet to guide you as you position your whole body

underneath the ball.

Setter Training: Learn To Set A Volleyball Like A Pro 
#3 Move Quickly To Get Into Position Before Setting The Ball

Here's something volleyball players should remember...when the ball

has reached its highest height, it can only come straight down.

With this in mind, once you determine...

a) where the ball will come down and

b) the speed of how fast the ball will come down- -then you know that's

where you, your forehead and your quick moving feet need to be,

directly underneath its path.

Then, it's a matter of moving your legs quickly enough to get your

forehead, followed by your shoulders, chest, hips and the rest of

your body underneath the ball in order to get in the correct

slightly squatted ready position for setting it.

There's one more thing for players to remember before making contact

with the ball.

Setter Training: Learn To Set A Volleyball Like A Pro 
#4 Square Your Body and Shoulders to Face Your Target

Once you've determined where you need to be in order to set the

volleyball - you need to square your shoulders to the left side hitter

position, or face whoever you are setting to before you contact the ball.

In the picture above, the setter is perpendicular to the

net, which means she has positioned herself perfectly to be able

to set to her middle hitter (#33), or her left front hitter because her

shoulders and the rest of her entire body isg facing in their direction.

If she wanted to back set, she is in great position as well because she

isn't turning her shoulders or leaning to her right or her left.

If she chooses to, she will just set the ball within the plane of her body

directly behind her to the right front hitter (#5).

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