The Setter Volleyball Player 

The setter volleyball player runs her team's offense
just like a quarterback does in football. 

Volleyball Setters: Their Roles Described

On a team of six players, the setter in volleyball is the leader on the court.

Their responsibilities are to call the plays to each of their eligible hitters,

get to every second ball served to their side during a rally and to run the

team's offense by setting the hitter most likely to score a point or sideout.  

A volleyball setter on any team has a role or a job description

that can be compared to the responsibilities that a quarterback

on a football team or the point guard on a basketball team have.

Like the point guard or the quarterback, the setter role calls for

her/him to deliver the ball to a teammate who's responsible for

scoring or attempting to score the actual points. 

This is called running the offense. 

The setter volleyball player runs the offense, which means they 

call the plays either verbally or with pre-determined hand 

signals which communicates to each hitter what set she is going 

to set them.

This is how they know what type of ball they will be expected to hit.

Depending on how fast they want to run their offense setters learn to

deliver different kinds of sets to different hitters.  

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Slow But High Offense

Their outside hitters will practice hitting high balls delivered to them

outside and near the antenna to either zone 4 for the left side hitters or to

zone 2 for the opposites or right side hitters. 

While the middle hitters work with their setter on getting quick

sets that are about a foot or more above the net and delivered

to them at a faster pace in the center of the net which is called

zone 3.

Let's compare what happens to football. 

The Setter Volleyball Player and the Middle Hitter

If you've seen a football game, the quarterback hands off the ball

quickly to a running back. That would be the same as what the

setter delivers in the middle to her middle blocker.

She gives a  quick set to her middle blocker, in the middle of the

net, or anywhere in zone 3 along the net .

Let's go back to the football game. 

After the quarterback gives him the ball, the bigger, stronger player

uses speed and strength to push the ball or hit it quickly pass the


Should the quarterback choose to throw a long pass down the field

the expectation is that their cornerback or running back will outrun

or outjump the opposing defensive players in order to get the ball into

the end zone.

The Setter Volleyball Player and Outside Hitters

I would compare that  to when a setter sets the ball much further

away from her base position, to one of her outside hitters in the

hope that they do the same thing.

Outjump and outhit the opposing team's defensive players, better

known as outside blockers, in order to score point for their team.

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