Sun Belt Conference Volleyball Camps

Sun Belt Conference volleyball camps offer many opportunities for local high school volleyball players.


East Division


Middle Tennessee Volleyball Camps

Blue Raider volleyball camps calendar:

July 9 - 11    All-Skills and Passing and Defense Camp

July 17 - 18  Hitters and Setters Camps

July 15 - 17  Girl Volleyball Team Camp I

July 19 - 21  Girl Volleyball Team Camp II


Western Kentucky Volleyball Camps

Western Kentucky has three girl volleyball camp sessions scheduled for June and July.

First they have an All skills volleyball camp, then an elite camp, a Little Volley Topper Camp followed by a team camp for high school volleyball players.

June 6 - 8        All Skills Camp 

June 6 - 8        Elite Camp

June 13 - 15    Lil’ Volley Topper Camp

July 12 - 14     High School Team Camp



Florida International University

Coach Sinisa Tomic has a slew of summer volleyball camps scheduled for this summer at Florida International University.

Starting in July there's the first individual camp, followed by a team camp, another individual camp in mid-July, and a team camp.

Then there are two girl volleyball sessions of Blue Camp and two sessions of Gold Camp near the end of July. 


July      Session I Individual Camp

July     Session II Team Camp

July    Session III Individual Camp


July    Session IV Team Camp


July    Blue Camp - Sessions I & II


July    Gold Camp - Sessions III & IV




Amy Hendrichovsky South Alabama Jaguar Volleyball Camps

The Jaguar volleyball camps are scheduled for two weeks in July.

First there's an individual volleyball camp, immediately followed by a volleyball setter/hitter camp.

Please return for specific 2012 dates.

Individual Girl Volleyball  Camp

Setter/Hitter Camp


Florida Atlantic Owls Volleyball Camps

The Florida Atlantic girl volleyball camps start the last week of June with the first session of All Skills volleyball camps, then on July 12 there's the Volleyball Training Academy.

There is a second and third three-day session of All Skills Camps in July.

July 10 - 26         2011 Volleyball Training Academy

June 26 – 28        All Skills Camps

July 10 – 12         All Skills Camps

July 24 – 26         All Skills Camps



Troy Volleyball Camp

The first set of Trojan girl volleyball camps are set for July 10 and will feature setters, with the hitters camp set for July 11 and the libero day camp set for July 12.

Meanwhile, the first of two volleyball team camps will take place from July 16 - 218 with costs set aside for both commuters and residents.

The final camp - with the same costs - will take place July 19 - 21 and will be a team/individual camp.



West Division


North Texas Girl Volleyball Camps

North Texas summer volleyball camp sessions start with an overnight all volleyball skills camp, followed by a one-say clinic, a hitter/setter day camp, a one-day defensive and libero camp, a second overnight all skills camp, a second all skills clinic, and ending with their three-day high performance overnight volleyball camp.

Please return for 2012 dates.

       All Skills Overnight Volleyball Camp

      All Skills Clinic 

      Hitter/Setter Day Camp

       Defense & Libero Camp

      All Skills Overnight Volleyball Camp 

        All Skills Clinic

        High Performance Overnight Camp



Arkansas State Red Wolves Volleyball Camps

Girl volleyball players should enjoy the Red Wolves girls volleyball camps this summer.

They have two sessions starting with an individual volleyball skills camp followed by a volleyball team camp, both in July.

Please return for 2012 dates.

          Individual Skills Camp

         Volleyball Team Camp



Jesse Mahoney Volleyball Camp at the University of Denver

Beth Kuwata at Denver has some innovative girl volleyball camp ideas starting with the mini Pioneer and Junior Pioneer Day camp.

These are followed by two consecutive volleyball skills clinics and an all skills development camp.

June 19 - 20     Mini Pioneer Day Camp

July 7               Pioneer Skills Clinic

July  16 - 18     Junior Pioneer Day Camp I

July  19 -20      Mini Pioneer Camp II

July 23 - 25      Junior Pioneer Day Camp II

July 28            Pioneer Skills Clinic

July 12 - 15    All Skills Development Camp



University of Louisiana Lafayette Volleyball Camps

The Ragin Cajuns have something for volleyball girls of all ages this summer starting with their first youth volleyball camp for very young players, then another youth volleyball camp for older players.

These two camps are followed by an attacker/setter camp, the first elite volleyball skills camp, a combo camp, a second elite skills camp and a team competition camp.

June 11 - 13  Ragin Cajuns Youth Volleyball Camp

June 13 - 15  Youth Volleyball Camp

June 18 - 20  Attacker/Setter Volleyball Camp

June 18 - 20  Elite Skills Camp I

June 18 - 20  Combo Camp

June 20 - 22  Elite Skills Camp II

July 28 - 29   Team Competition Camp



Van Compton Volleyball Camps at University of Arkansas Little Rock

The 2012 Van Compton Volleyball Camps offer two individual sessions and two teams sessions with all the camps taking place at the Jack Stephens Center. 

The Individual Camp will be held June 18 - 21, and the Setters/Hitters Camp will be on August 1. 

Senior High Team Camp will take placed July 30 - 31, while Junior High Team Camp will be August 2 - 3.




Please return for 2012 volleyball dates.

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