Volleyball Bag Videos
YouTube Personalities Explain "What's in My Bag?"

A video comparison of popular Youtube Personalities
explaining what's in their volleyball backpacks

What's in my volleyball bag?

That seems to be a favorite topic that a growing group of young

female Youtube personalities who say they play volleyball want to talk

about and share with their followers.

They explain all the things they put in their volleyball bag for practice, or

school matches or travel tournaments. 

Mostly in middle school and a few in high school, many of these top

Youtube personalities seem to actually have some volleyball playing

experience. A few moreso than the others.

I need to be honest, several of them I do believe are on a team but a few

don't give me the impression that they are serious volleyball players.

A few just tell their viewers what's in their bag because they say that's

what the viewers requested. They make the video and then quickly

move on to whatever their specialty topic is. 

Usually, hair or makeup.

Those few haven't truly convinced me that they are really interested in

becoming volleyball players.  

Whether the plan is to continue playing in college or not they

have become very cute spokespeople promoting the items that usually

go in a player's bag. 

That's just my impression, of course I could be wrong. 

Its up to you to make up your own mind, who's more believable.

These girls say they have a volleyball bag and they want to share with

their subscribers what's in it so...I decided to compare what some of

them say is in their volleyball bag so you can make up your own minds

as to who your faves are and decide what you need to put in your own


Under several of the videos, I list and comment on important

items they talk about and things they say.

There are also links to pages on this website where you can learn more

about some of the volleyball stuff they mention.

There are also affiliate links and ads on this page that link to advertiser's

sites where if a purchase is made I may receive compensation.

Just letting you know up front!

Let's get started!

What's in your volleyball bag, Maddie Coburn?

At the time of shooting this video, Maddie a 14 year old eighth grader

explains in her Youtube video description that this particular video

is not sponsored.  

What does that mean?

Some video personalities have companies give them products

to talk about. These companies "sponsor" a particular video by giving

the personality a product to talk about, promote, or hype up because

they have a large amount of viewers or Youtube subscribers that the

sponsor is trying to sell this particular product to.  

So even though Youtube personalities are cute, fresh, young and

fun to watch, the ones with tons of subscribers are often approached

by or they even ask companies to, give them free product, pay them to

hype or promote or talk about their products to their Youtube followers. 

They get free products to "talk" about ..in this case..they are talking

about things they have in their volleyball bag.

Now do you see why "what's in my volleyball bag?" seems to be a

popular subject?

In their next video they may explain about something else "they use"

while doing everyday normal things which need various products in

order to do them like changing hairstyles or makeup tutorials.

In reality some Youtube personalities, maybe not these, but some do

allow their videos to be used as commercials and they are paid either

in cash or with free products to talk and become a company


So I think its cool that Maddie in her Youtube video description tells her

viewers that this video isn't sponsored. 

What she does include in her video description is that she invites

companies to contact her so that she will "review" a product online. 

That means she's asking companies to send her an item, which she

doesn't have to pay for, but in exchange she will talk about that item, its

benefits and uses, to her Youtube followers. 

That's described as an online review. I will let you decide if you still

consider that as a way of promoting a product online as well. 

Let's get to what's in Maddie's volleyball bag...

  • Mizuno volleyball shoes, white

Maddie prefers the black Mizuno volleyball shoes. She just talks about the color but doesn't explain whether she does or doesn't think they are comfortable to play in or not.

  • Mizuno kneepads, white

Maddie says they smell ok now but after a couple of uses they "will "smell like death"

I don't know if everyone is following the same script but a few other Youtubes use the exact same words to describe their kneepads saying that ...'my kneepads smell like death"....why are kneepads that way?, interesting!

  • Mizuno slides

Maddie explains to her viewers about the "cardinal volleyball shoe sin" of not walking outside the gym in your volleyball shoes, so these are what her team puts on. She seems happier to get these more than she is with the actual shoes

  • Mizuno thin jacket pink

Can't tell what style of jacket this is but Maddie says its extremely thin and does nothing to keep you warm...but she thinks it cute.

  • Mizuno stretch yoga pant, grey

Maddie says these are stretchy spandex like material and should keep you warmer in cold weather.

  • Mizuno socks - two pair, white and black

Maddie carries extra socks because like most players she loses socks so to be ready in case she does again, she carries extra pair.

All of the above items Maddie mentions, fit in the large inside pocket of

her Mizuno volleyball bag. 

Below are the other items she mentions that fit in the smaller internal

pocket of her bag. 

  • Hair bands

Yes, Maddie, everyone loses hair bands all the time and carrying extra bands is really important. 

  • Mini makeup carry case: 
  • Feminine Hygiene pads -

I love the frankness and simplicity and truthfulness with which Maddie just talks plainly about the need to carry feminine pads or tampons in case you're stuck at an all day tournament and cant leave to buy feminine products in case you start your period.

This is a great example where one of Maddie's mini stories makes it real to the viewing audience her experience and knowledge as a true volleyball player. Great job Maddie!

  • Victoria Secret Body Spray
  • Deodorant

True...body odor + sweaty kneepads = end of the day badly needed shower 

  • Ear phones

For down times to listen to music or Youtube

Coach April's comment:

The Mizuno pants she mentions look like the Mizuno yoga pant I got when working at the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships in Fort Lauderdale last year in the middle of summer. 

Stretchy, awesome fit and conforms to your figure but..definitely not, in my opinion made for winter time wear. We got these and wore them during the summertime. 

Coach April's comment:

About feminine products: Happens all the time and players can't always count on a male coach or a team mom to have a backup supply of feminine products, so they need to make sure they have their own, especially at travel tournaments where Mom may not be around. 

About Hair bands: Everyone loses hair bands all the time and carrying extra is really important. As a coach I want my players to be ready at all times and not ask me if I have extra hair bands. That's something they should have plenty of. 

I like Maddie, because she makes herself relatable. As she explains

what she has in her bag, she talks about actual volleyball experiences

that players can relate to. 

She talked about things that so far, other Youtubers didnt mention like

ear phones and feminine products which are essentials that

experienced tournament players can't do without. 

This makes her believable to the viewer as she tells her stories about

why she has what she has and sometimes why she does what she


Hailey Michelle's Volleyball Duffle Bag

Hailey has an actual duffle bag which looks heavy like a volleyball

player who plays pretty seriously on a regular basis would have.  

She admits to using this bag for everything, even camping, not just


What's in Hailey's Adidas volleyball duffle bag?

  • Empty Smart Water bottle

Hailey likes it because of the cool cap and the bottle is refillable. She mentions Gatorade or water as her fave refill choices. 

  • Hair Bow

She and all her teammates have one with their jersey number bedazzled on it that they wear during matches

  • Deodorant

Goes without saying. Growing girls need to have a stick in their bag. 

  • Lotion

I like this girl, the struggle is real. Even though you wear knee pads when you play, it doesn't mean you need to practice with ashy legs or knees. 

Turns out its a good idea to have as Hailey says because her teammates never have any and they end up always asking her. 

  • Kneepads - ASICS black

Hailey is a real player. She reacts to the smell of her own kneepads. Although they took a close up to get her reaction. (Things that make you go hmmm...)

  • Shoes - ASICS black with gold/rainbow turquoise stripes

Hailey talks about not wearing these shoes anywhere else but the court. She likes the colors on hers and likes everything about them. 

  • Sweatshirt - generic

Hailey has night practices so she keeps this for the cold. No mention of a particular brand and she didnt hold it up to show the viewer, so it doesn't seem like its something that she's trying to promote, but just mentions it because its...in her bag!

I like her, she comes across as being herself and not trying to sell the viewer every single item that she keeps in her bag. 

She tells a cute story as to why she keeps sweat pants in her bag and thanks her coach as well for a lesson learned. Did I say, I like her?  

  • Extra pair of shoes

Very smart idea. One of my teams had to learn this lesson when we went on a trip. Some of them only brought their volleyball shoes, which we all know should ONLY be worn in gym, unless you don't have another decent pair of running shoes to wear as an option. Hailey does. Smart girl!

Other items Hailey mentions:

  • chapstick 
  • phone

Coach Comment:

My own coach comment here....sandals or slides are good to have in your bag but on travel trips players should have an extra pair of running shoes. In case the team goes sight seeing or walking distances to a nearby restaurant or going on a short hike or a run or team stretch, running shoes protect the feet from the cold and from cuts in case you step on glass or nails on the sidewalk. 

Hailey's $10 Volleyball Bag Dollar Tree Challenge

Great creative idea. 

Hailey decided to issue a volleyball bag challenge to her readers.

The challenge is to go to a dollar store and spend only $10 to fill your

volleyball bag up with normal things a player would put in their bag.

Cool idea.

Check out Hailey as she takes her viewers on a trip to the Dollar Tree


What's in your volleyball bagMai Phammy?

In this video one of the things that distracted me as a viewer and

volleyball coach was Mai continuously brushing her hair at the

beginning of the video.  

Continuously touching the hair made me question whether  she really

played volleyball gotta be honest...it made me focus on her hair and

not on what she was talking about. 

But Mai is funny!

The best funny moment in this video is when she drops the

deodorant..that's hilarious..she's pretty funny...

She talks about random things before she gets to the topic of her

volleyball bag, so be ready, lolol. 

I'm impressed she knows about the libero position, but

most of the things in her bag she admits to not being hers...what??

My thought is, when you say "what's in MY volleyball bag?", then you

are talking about YOUR things.

By the way, tea in their volleyball bag, I'll have to try that, yum!

Once Mai gets started...she's very good about explaining the contents

of her bag. 

What's in your volleyball bagKatie Bug?

Katie Bug explains in her video description that she is actively using a

particular product to be able to get sponsorships, opportunities and


Just informing you that many times, people make these videos not

because they actually use the products they tell us about, but because

they are given these products free by the companies that make them

so as Youtubers with alot of subscribers they will promote certain

products to their Youtube audience. 


What's in your volleyball bagJanel Eunice?

Wow! This girl is on fire and has a crazy wacky cool intro to reflect her

crazy wacky cool personality. Nice job Janel. 

  • Mizuno volleyball bag

lots of inner and outer pockets and janel shows us all the random things she keeps in her bag including two half full bottle of water

  • Asics hooded jacket

Janel shows her viewers last season's sweat top with her name embroidered on it

  • Mizuno volleyball jersey

Gorgeous turquoise blue color. Cant tell if that's a this year or last year model

  • Mizuno warm up jacket

Janel mentions that this is the current season's new jacket

  • Bag Deodorant

-a small item that stays in her bag to keep it smelling fresh

  • Small carry case

This is where she keeps all her hair ties, hand sanitizer, brush, and an extra rubber bag which she doesn't explain what she uses for but would be a good idea in case used sanitary items need to be temporarily placed somewhere

  • Healthy snacks

Janel sees food wrappers in the bottom of her bag and explains the various items she had or keeps in her bag in case she gets hungry at tournaments 

  • Earrings

Players always forget to take these off before matches so for Janel to show viewers where she keeps them is true life stuff.

  • Asics kneepads, black and Mizuno kneepads black

Great idea! Janel carries an extra pair since she knows she forgets them on occasion.

  • Charger

Phone charger is needed for long tournament days and especially if a call to the parents is needed to stay in touch and keep them updated as far as how the team is doing. Sometimes for school games you may not go home after school so a charger is needed to stay in touch with the parents to let them know when to pick you up after the game.

  • Socks

Extra pair just in case the main pair get lost or dirty. 

  • Lotion
  • Warmup Stretch band

These are used during warmups to do shoulder warmup stretches and come in long lengths like the red ones she shows us and the shorter lengths like the yellow one she has.

  • Spandex shorts

Janel comes well-prepared in case of emergencies or in case she forgets some at home. Janel shows us she has four pair of spandex she carries in her bag.

  • Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

Janel shows us the zippered compartment underneath the bottom of her bag which holds her black volleyball shoes which come with lots of turquoise blue stripes and green highlights

I like Janel because she's comfortable being who she is..a fast talker

who's fearlessly funny on camera and isn't afraid to show the many

different parts of her personality. She makes a not-so-interesting topic

entertaining and fun to listen to. 

Way to go, Janel!

What's in your volleyball bagBianca Franco?

What's in your volleyball bagRussia Boles?

Super friendly and with a sunshiney disposition that makes you want

to be her friend Russia Boles has a true presence on video. 

Russia lists in her Youtube video description all the items she mentions

and talks about in her video. The sign of a real pro!

I've listed them here below:

  • Water bottle - Marshalls
  • Pink running shorts - Walmart
  • Towel - Nike
  • Pink Head band  - Lululemon
  • Blue Spandex - Marika Tek 
  • Kneepads - Mizuno

What's in your volleyball bagChelsea Judd aka CJK?

This is Chelsea's updated volleyball bag video. She admits that her first

bag video wasnt done very well, so she wanted to do another one. 

I like how she gives her own story about how long she has been

playing...7 years, and she lets us know that she plays both club and

high school volleyball. 

  • Nike volleyball bag

Finally a player with a Nike bag!

  • Mizuno Wave Bolt Fours

Volleyball shoes are the first thing to come out of the larger pocket in the bag. Torn on the heels she admits to being hard on her shoes. She shows they are ripping at the bottom as well....Hmm..

  • Deodorant Balls

Kept in the bag to keep the bag and shoes smelling good

  • Ankle braces

Kept in the same compartment, no mention of brand name

  • Kneepads, Mizuno, black

In the second pocket she shows us

  • Extra socks
  • Extra shorts
  • Extra Mizuno black kneepads - at least 3 pair

In the next smallest pocket

  • lotion
  • perfume
  • extra contact lenses
  • headphones/earphones

In the front pocket she says she keeps the most stuff

  • sticky notes to write out personal and team goals and what things she wanted to work on in practice everyday
  • money puch for money so she can buy food at tournaments
  • sunglasses
  • feet and toe protection pads
  • snacks-cereal bars

Chelsea is very likable and gives a great presentation of real things

players have in their bags. 

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