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Volleyball clubs offer many benefits for girls playing volleyball.

One of the fastest growing girls clubs in the US is called The Starlings

club. Several of the benefits of playing volleyball that the Starlings club

points out is that...

  • Girls who participate in sports have a higher level of self esteem
  • Girls are three-times more likely to graduate from high school if they participate in sports
  • Girls are 80% less likely to get pregnant if they are student-athletes
  • As student-athletes, girls are 92% less likely to get involved in drugs

Although the Starlings VBC follows the guiding concept of providing girls

aged 10 through 18 volleyball playing opportunities regardless of their

socioeconomic background, and as such the monthly and annual dues

are lower than any other junior volleyball program in the nation.

Financial donations, work opportunities for players and fundraising

events and activities allow the Starlings organization to expand its

program and to help girls volleyball players cover membership dues,

expenses and to fund various club endeavors.

Most clubs offer girls the opportunity to learn how to play volleyball as

well as participate in competitive volleyball play on a regional as well as

a national level.

There are volleyball organizations that have a paid staff while others

have a coaching staff that works primarily on a volunteer basis.

Although club organizations are created for various reasons

the majority are committed to providing a safe and positive athletic

environment by offering a range of competitive and developmental

opportunities with volleyball.

Many of the larger and more popular clubs around the country offer an

extensive array of summer volleyball camps, volleyball tournaments,

high performance selections and clinics to both the junior and adult

female volleyball player.

Most importantly clubs are created for training aspiring volleyball players

who have an eye on the potential for earning a college volleyball


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