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Players decide to attend volleyball summer camps with the intent of

improving the quality of  their skills, in an environment where they are

surrounded by other players with similar goals.

Wow, that sounded great. Well guess what? Its true.

Since you are making a personal investment in yourself, you want to

make sure that you get the most out of your time, dedication,

commitment and money.

One tip I have that might help you get the most out of your

camp experience is to take the time, when you are reading the

volleyball college camp brochures or web sites, to check to see the ratio

between the number of volleyball campers there are to each instructor.

If you can attend a camp that has a 1:8 ratio, which means for every

group of eight campers there's only one coach, then you've found an

optimal situation.

If you can do that, you will put yourself in a position where you should

be able to get your questions answered and your skills properly

evaluated and assessed.

USF Volleyball College Camps Instructor
photo by Shaun Calhoun

You should also expect to get a tremendous amount of opportunities to

touch the ball repeatedly, participate in many different volleyball drills

depending on which of the volleyball college camps you've chosen and

also get the near-personalized training that you deserve to have.

University of San Francisco College

Volleyball Camps Spiking Demonstration 

photo by Shaun Calhoun

The typical camp will offer between a 1:8 to 1:14 camp to coach ratio

which means that if you attend a camp with a 1:14 camp to coach ratio

you will be in a group with 13 other girls (you plus 13 others equals 14).

That's already almost twice as many girls per group than if you were in

a camp with a 1:8 ratio where only 7 girls would be in your group.

See the difference?

Usually this means that you may get a few less opportunities to touch

the ball and that you may have to wait longer or work a bit harder to

get the coaches attention so that you can get your questions


Pros and Cons of Attending
Volleyball College Camps

In most volleyball college camps you will usually have a 1:10 to 1:12

ratio which isn't a bad thing but many colleges can find ways to add

more sessions if they have a lot of campers so that they can keep their

camper-to coach ratio lower.

If you can find one with an even lower ratio then you are definitely on

the right track.

Another extremely valuable tip I'd like to share is to try and attend one

of the volleyball college camps where you may want to after high


USC Head Coach Volleyball College Camps Director

Mick Haley

photo by Neon Tommy

Nowadays its evident that the earlier you narrow down your

list of colleges and universities you think you may want to get a degree

from, the better.

As a junior high school or high school freshman, it is the perfect time to

draw up a list of about 50 to 100 colleges you may think about


Even if you aren't sure as to what your major or your school of study or

specialization is going to be just doing this exercise will point you in the

right goal-setting direction.

From this list of 100, which should contain the names of the schools

that have your major, you can start choosing the ones that offer the

type of volleyball camp that you want to attend, summer after summer,

year after year.

See, why it's best to get started early?

Now this is a way of getting on the campus to see the school or several

schools, possibly meet the coach, be coached by the volleyball team

members and play in the gym of some of the college teams at the top of

your list.

USF Head Coach and Volleyball Summer Camp Director, Gilad Doron

photo by Shaun Calhoun

Knowing and experiencing these things firsthand in camp, should help

you gather the information you need to make a decision on what college

you will attend and what team you want to play for in the future.

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local volleyball camps in the pages below.

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