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I often tell players that performing volleyball drills at home and outside of the

regular club and high school practice is a great way to improve your skills.

As a high school player, once I finished my school work and

after coming home from practice, I would go outside by

myself and do hundreds of setting and passing repetitions against

wall to a target I had chalked off against the garage door.

I was disciplined about doing this every day in order to improve my

accuracy, to improve my ball control, to increase my finger strength,

to numb the throbbing sensation created by the ball contacting the

same  spot on my forearms over and over again when passing the

ball to the target.

Basically to improve my volleyball skills. 

I got to the point that when the ball bounced back from anywhere off

the garage door I knew how to quickly use my feet to position myself

in a low athletic stance underneath the ball and then deliver a nice

high pass from anywhere back to that chalked out circled target.

I'd often forgo television watching and stay outside past sun down to

pass a volleyball to a chalked design of a circle I made on my garage

door wall.

Those self-imposed volleyball drills and the discipline to do them

everyday paid off.

I had set a goal for myself as a sophomore in high school that I

wanted to earn a volleyball scholarship to a four-year college or

university and I was going to do what it took to reach my goal. 

And I did.

If you are one of those players or parents looking for ways to help 

yourself or your daughter get more playing time, then this is the same 

message I am telling you.

Volleyball Drills 

Volleyball drills, although some time monotonous are the best way to

improve one's ball control, they help you improve your skill

and technique, they can be used to help condition an athlete and

they can help you understand the team building process.   

Whether you are or you have a volleyball girl that does drills at 

home by yourself, or if she is doing them in practice with her 

teammates, it's best to get in the habit of setting mini goals for you to 

reach in order to complete each drill.

For example, let's say you have to get 50 perfectly passed balls to the

target before stopping one drill and going on to the next.

Not only will you discipline yourself to perform the volleyball drills 

correctly, but you will replicate the pressure you will feel 

in a game-like situation when you absolutely have to do the skill right.

When volleyball girls get in the habit of practicing game-like

situations, then when they find themselves in an actual game, they

have already prepared for that particularly tense and pressure filled


In your volleyball practices, you may have noticed that different 

components of volleyball skills are taken apart and learned in 

progressions or separately one at a time.

Many beginner volleyball drills are broken down into their most

basic steps and as a player learns those, then they progress to more

advanced elements of the skill.

So things like footwork, lower body positioning then upper body 

positioning, armswing mechanics and timing are learned and coached  


Other things are gradually added to the mix as a player

improves on the basics, like court awareness and positioning, court

spacing among other teammates, foot speed and learning how to get

to a volleyball quickly along with communication-what to say and

how to say it

Volleyball drills can be taught as individual drills that players can learn 

and practice by themselves just about anywhere-at home, at club or 

high school practice.

Another way they are taught the game are with volleyball team drills

which must be performed with the two, three, four or five other

members of her volleyball team.

I've provided pages of information for players researching the  

various resources like DVDs of drills taught by prominent

college volleyball coaches that may help you or your daughter

improve her individual volleyball skills. 

Some of the resources are for high school volleyball coaches but many 

are for parents and players who are looking for ways to know more 

about how to play volleyball well.

If you came to this page because you were looking for drills then you've

found the right place.

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Be sure to check out the pages containing drills and resources for

serving, passing, hitting, youth, setting, team, practice, defense,

fun, and conditioning

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