Volleyball Exercises by Training For Volleyball Creator Barry Lovelace

In addition to  creating sports specific volleyball exercises, creator Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized sports performance specialist.

Athletes and coaches worldwide use his outside the box and super effective training workouts.

Aside from being a member of Team Men's Fitness, he is also known to write for Men's Health and Women's Health magazines as well as several other publications.

Barry is the creator of several DVDs for athletic training and volleyball exercises and travels the world bringing his unique training style to athletes of all ages.


 Training For Volleyball by Barry Lovelace

"Step-by-step volleyball exercises and workouts that will have athletes jumping higher, hitting harder, reacting quicker and feeling stronger with the use of flex bands, medicine balls and JC bands.

Team Men's Fitness Member Barry Lovelace provides fun, functional and effective exercises and workouts in the Training For Volleyball Conditioning DVD.

Training with this program can deliver startling fast results. 

A 5'6" college freshmen and starting middle blocker led her team in blocks and increased her vertical jump by 3" after just sessions.  

A French pro volleyball player felt more explosive after two days!"

30 minutes 

(Results may vary. Written content provided by Training for Volleyball)


Increase Your Vertical Jump to Play Better Volleyball

By Barry Lovelace


If you play volleyball, you know how important your vertical reach is.

Simply put, when you increase vertical jump you increase your level of play.

An investment in training for this skill is one that you will not regret.  

The key to increasing vertical jump height is creating flexibility and power in the lower body.

You want to imagine your legs as springs that will propel you upwards. The best way to create this elasticity and power in the muscles is to train with flexible resistance.

Many trainers and strength coaches feel the need to lift weights to improve the athletic ability of their athletes.

When this process is thought out it really doesn't make sense to lay flat on a bench and push heavy weight up to the ceiling.

This is not a functional exercise and any athlete knows that athleticism is based on functionality.  Our bodies move in all planes of motion, so why not train that way?

After seeing the dramatic results that my volleyball clients enjoy after working out functionally with bands I had to concede and embrace this new training style as the only training style my athletes do.  

When you train with resistance bands, you are creating real power that can be utilized immediately.

Unlike working out with weights, where strength is built up over time, bands force the muscles to work to stabilize the movement, building not just strength but flexibility and power as well.

These are the exact requirements necessary to increase your vertical jump.  

Increasing ones vertical jump can seem to be daunting but it can be done and done quickly.

I have seen volleyball players increase their vertical jump a minimum of 3 inches after just 5 sessions.  

Volleyball is a great sport. If you want to reach your true potential on the court it is vital that you work to increase your vertical jump.

Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized fitness professional, a contributor to Men's Fitness and the creator of the HOT selling DVD Training For Volleyball

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Barry_Lovelace  


One more tip before you start seriously doing your volleyball exercises

Be sure to perform your volleyball exercises using the best volleyball shoes!
Most volleyball shoes on the market today are shoes made for boys and men and marketed to women and girls.
But volleyball shoes that are made specifically for women and girls may help reduce potential knee injury and keep you in the game ...all season long!
Be sure to study all your options so that you can make an educated decision about choosing the best volleyball shoes for you.




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How to Become the Most Valuable Player on the Volleyball Court

By Training For Volleyball. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Barry_Lovelace http://EzineArticles.com/?How-to-Become-the-Most-Valuable-Player-on-the-Volleyball-Court&id=1652609 " target="_self">Barry Lovelace

Part of what makes sports great is that feeling of being part of a team, the sense of accomplishment one gets from doing their part.

Like any team sport, the success or failure of a volleyball team relies on the performance of each individual. You can become a vital part of your team and assist them in great success; all it takes is desire and the right preparation.

At volleyball practice coaches have their players focus on volleyball drills, technique and game situations to prepare them for a game.

This is obviously a huge part of what every volleyball player needs to know. However, the difference between a good volleyball player and a great volleyball player is the amount of time they spend training their bodies for the game of volleyball. In order to excel at the sport of volleyball, a player needs to develop certain athletic abilities not just master a few volleyball drills.

They need to have a good vertical jump, they need explosive arm power and swing speed, they need quickness, flexibility and fast reaction time and they need balance. Unfortunately these aspects of volleyball training are overlooked a majority of the time.

Understanding the need for volleyball specific athletic traits is the first step. Think about the different positions and game situations that a volleyball player faces.

They need to travel very short distances quickly to get to a ball; this requires quickness and reaction. They need to jump high at the net to block a ball; this requires spring-like power in the legs.

A volleyball player needs to spike and serve the ball; this requires explosive arm power. They need to dig for the ball; this requires flexibility. Of course, like any other athlete, volleyball players also need a strong core and balance to provide them with power and keep them stable during play.

Drills alone cannot provide these strengths. A player who trains to improve these abilities will be the most valuable player on the court every time.

Strength training for volleyball is not about lifting tons of weight while lying or sitting down. Instead, creating workouts that mimic the movements a volleyball player makes on the court and adding flexible resistance and balance challenges into those moves great results are ensured.

Another great thing about this type of training is that the athletes actually look forward to it unlike 'hitting the weights' or running. This makes it all that much more rewarding. It is not enough for a volleyball player to know how to play the game.

It is safe to assume that every player on the court knows how to play and what is expected of him or her.

To be the player that stands out it is necessary to not only know the game but to be prepared physically for its demands. This is where functional training comes into play.

Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized fitness professional specializing in athlete training.


He is the creator of the volleyball exercises in the HOT selling DVD Training For Volleyball.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Barry_Lovelace  




Volleyball is a great sport.

It is one of the sports that young athletes can enjoy and continue playing throughout their entire lives.

Both young and old volleyball players can see great improvements in their game with sports specific exercises.

Volleyball is a very explosive sport that requires unique strengths. Each position puts a specific demand on the body. To prepare your body for those demands you need to train it for those demands.

That is the concept behind sports specific training. This type of training puts the body through volleyball exercises that mimic game situations and enhance volleyball specific needs for strength, as with the serve or kills, or flexibility and agility, as with digs and jumping skills for playing the net.

The problem with the coaching and training that goes on in many schools and colleges is the 'one size fits all' training method; lifting in the gym and running.

These generic routines do nothing to help you on the volleyball court. Think about the bench press for instance, an exercise that many coaches have their volleyball players perform. A bench press is designed to build strength and size in the chest.

That is all well and good but think about the game of volleyball and game situations that come up. Where would that move help? It would not.

Another reason that sport specific training is vital is that it trains the body as a whole, which is how it is used during a volleyball game.

In other words there are no bicep curls or shoulder presses, instead the entire body is challenged in creative and effective ways to prepare it to handle the demands of the sport.

There is also a great emphasis on core strength which is vitally important for stability and strength. The core is the bodies powerhouse and the source of it's balance and strength.

Lastly, a solid sports specific training routine will greatly reduce the chance of injury to the athlete.

This is because of the state of preparedness that exists in the body after training specifically for the sport that is being played.

If your volleyball exercises and training routine does not incorporate Volleyball Training Techniques than it is not complete and you are not reaching your potential. The body is an amazing thing and when trained properly it is capable of amazing things.

Anyone can do sports specific training and frankly, most people prefer it over repetitive gym workouts. It is also a time effective method of working out because the volleyball exercises are so incredibly effective.

Barry Lovelace is an internationally recognized personal trainer and fitness professional specializing in the training of athletes. Barry is the creator of the volleyball exercises in the HOT selling volleyball training program Training For Volleyball.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Barry_Lovelace

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