Smart Volleyball Hit
Strategies Top Players Use 

Volleyball hit tips for players learning how to spike a ball effectively.

Volleyball hit: USA Olympian, Pro Player Megan Hodge hitting around the blockVolleyball hit: USA Olympian, Pro Player Megan Hodge hitting around the block

There are a slew of volleyball hitting strategies pro and top

players use in order to vary their attack options when spiking a ball. 

Study these tips and strategies so you too increase your chances of getting

the ball past the block, and score points against your opponents. 

Check out these top hitters in the world: Mari Steinbrecher, Kim Yeon Koung, Zhu Ting, Jordan Larson, Milena Rasic, Lioubov, Sokolova, Danielle Scott, Ekaterina Gamova. and more...

The Volleyball Hit from the Middle

If you're a player, let's say a middle hitter, who gets a trap set while

attempting to hit a ball from the middle of the net, one of the most

effective spiking strategies for you to use is to soft tip the ball

into the block on purpose.

Sounds crazy, right? I know.  But don't knock it until you've tried it. 

Instead of actually using a hard hit you should aim the tip into

the wrists and upper forearms of the opposing blocker in front of you so

that the ball bounces off their arms high and back into your court

allowing  your teammates who are covering you have a chance to

replay the ball.

This sounds difficult and it does take practice but it is possible to save

a broken play by having the courage to actually hit the volleyball

strategically into the block.

Professional beach volleyball players will use this tactic to give

themselves additional offensive opportunities and allows them to

repeatedly attempt an array of volleyball attacks in order to score points

for their team.

Volleyball Hitting Questions: When Should I Tip It Into The Block?

If you are an outside hitter that gets set a ball too close to the

net, then you can use the tip to score a point or a sideout by aiming for

the outside or external arm of the blocker and then wipe the ball off the

outside most forearm of the blocker in front of you.

This is one of the hardest volleyball hitting strategies for the opposing

team's defense to pick up.


Another way to score points with your spiking ability is to be the last

player to touch the ball if you and another player contact the ball at

the same time over the top of the net. This spiking action is called a


In 99% of the cases if two volleyball players go up to attack a volleyball

that's located exactly halfway over the net and if they both end up

contacting the ball at the same time over the net, then its the second

volleyball player who touches the ball last who has the advantage.

You want to wait as long as you can before you put your hands on the

ball to push it over into the opposing court.

It takes practice but its worth saving a tip gone bad.

Volleyball Hitting Strategies Pros Use To Get Out Of Trouble

Like pro volleyball players do, you too can decide whether to use a

short or deep hard hits in the opposing team's court to attempt

to score points for your team.

The same options exist when you decide to use a soft hit also

known as  tipping the ball.

Spikers should remember that they have the option to tip the ball deep

in the court if they want to score some smart points.

Many times during a fast paced game, hitters will get into a

tipping rhythm and will repeatedly tip right behind the big block they are

intimidated by.

USC volleyball player spiking the ball Photo by Neon TommyUSC volleyball player spiking the ball Photo by Neon Tommy

But between points while the ball is dead and before performing any

hits in a game, you can ask your teammates between plays

to tell you what space is wide open in the opposing team's defense.

Learn more about how to communicate on the volleyball court. 

Especially if the opposing team is playing man up defense which

means they put one of their defensive players behind the block, so if

anyone were to tip the ball right behind the blockers there would be

someone there to pick that up.

Your teammates should be able to tell you whether that spot behind the

block is open or which other deep areas of the court are open for you to

tip the ball to. 

In practice, instead of just using hard volleyball spikes all the time, you

should mix up your attacks in your volleyball spike training drills by

alternating between tipping short, and tipping deep to the corners.

As hard as it is not to hit the ball on a good set, you should

remember that the opposing team is waiting for you to hit the ball on a

good set.

You will increase the chances of surprising them by occasionally tipping

the ball on a good set.

This is one of the more popular volleyball hitting strategies that

professional volleyball players use to make themselves unpredictable

and to change up their attack.

The Professionals Spike The Ball, Hard!

You can do the same thing by mixing up the types of hits in practice first.

You want to feel comfortable with learning how to hit the volleyball

hard even when you get an imperfect set and you want to be able to mix

up your attacks with an occasional tip when you get a good set.

Since the opposing team's defense will expect you to hit a great set,

they will be dug in on defense, and your tip will keep them off balance

since everybody in the gym will expect you to do your best hits on a

good set.

Just be prepared to do the opposite! You want to always keep the

opposing team guessing.

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