Vegas Volleyball Instruction
by Coach April

Coach April Chapple answers Volleyball Questions during weekly Volleyball Lessons and Classes in Vegas

For more than seven years I've provided volleyball instruction to Las Vegas

middle and high school and now youth volleyball players. 

I love teaching volleyball skills. 

I was taught by really good players and coaches and what I learned

from them, worked!

Providing volleyball instruction based on the elite training I received and

giving back to the sport whether I'm in the gym or through what I share

on this site is one of my favorite things to do.  With that said...

...let's get started! You came here to improve your volleyball skills so

let me tell you about some important things you'll find here on my site

that will help you do just that. 

Volleyball Instruction on Serving

Serving the ball is the one skill in volleyball where a player can

score a point all by themselves. So why not try?

At least, your goal should be to become that player who can be

counted upon to consistently score a series of points from the service


That's how tough the serve you want to develop should become and

that's how dependable you want to be for your team. 

A point scoring machine from the end line every time you go back to

serve the ball. 

Learn to score points with your serve, or just learn the basics along with

other important information  in the articles listed below. 

Learn important tips for the overhand serve.  

Find the definition and explanation of the let serve, service error, overhand serve and other commonly used terms regarding a player and how they serve the ball 

I talk about why the serve is so important and how you can use it to quickly gain an advantage over the opposing team.

Learn where to serve the ball, in what zones on the court and when to serve there along with other serving strategies. 

Volleyball Instruction on Setting

When it comes to setting I think everyone should have a good

touch and feel for the ball, regardless of what position you play in.

Players who are non-setters should regularly work on setting technique

getting regular reps with a partner or against the wall.  

They should also remember to develop arm strength so they can

practice setting long distances.

When teaching volleyball skills we do many types of setting drills for 

accuracy, to build strength and for consistency. Learn more in the 

articles below.

Tips for young players to use immediately to self check their setting technique when practicing alone or at home. 

Volleyball Instruction on Blocking

Here are articles that teach volleyball blocking skills...

Volleyball Instruction on Passing

There are two skills you must conquer if you are going to even think

about playing competitive volleyball, the first is serving, the second is


eaching volleyball skills:PassingTeaching volleyball skills:Passing

When teaching volleyball skills here are the things my players learn

to do and how to do it even better in the articles below:

The first contact in a team's offense, once the ball has been served into their court by the opponent, learn how to make contact and how to control this ball.

Here's an extensive breakdown of instructions for the volleyball forearm pass.

Teaching Volleyball Skills About Digging

When teaching volleyball skills for digging let's start with the articles 


Definition Of Team Defense and the Volleyball Dig

Learn individual defense terms that will help you understand how to dig a volleyball consistently

Learn more individual defensive skills and techniques that will improve how you dig a volleyball up or to your setter

You dont always have to rely on digging with your hands to dig a ball legally and to the target

Learn what to say and when to say it when you are in the backrow or are blocking for your team. 

Here are the rules you absolutely cannot forget when playing team or

individual defense

Volleyball Instruction on Spiking 

Of course I save the best for last.

Because what every future Olympian player wants to learn is how to

spike a volleyball, right? 

That's the most common question I get.

How can I spike like a pro player? When can we hit? 

Well you can't think about hitting until you get the ball over the net and

then pass it or receive serve. 

So there's that. Then... your setter has to get to the second ball so she can

set you.

So basically three other skills have to be done correctly before you can

even begin to think about a spike approach. 

But since we are here talking about spiking, find out below what I 

recommend  when I'm teaching volleyball skills for hitting a ball.

Learn these volleyball spike training tips that pros use to spike a volleyball aggressively for points

Learn these volleyball hit options when practicing how to spike a volleyball

Learn what tools you can use to improve your hitting game and develop into a reliable point scoring spiker 

Volleyball hit tips for players learning how to spike a ball effectively.

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