Volleyball Offense Strategies

This page has several options for you to learn about various volleyball offense strategies taught by several of the top college volleyball coaches in the country.

If you are looking to educate yourself about offensive skills and strategies, just scroll down to see what these coaches are saying.  

Volleyball Offense: 15 Drills for Training Transition

  • Get a detailed breakdown of the six most common transition movements in volleyball
  • Learn where to position players on the court
  • Pick up drills to teach all phases of court reacting 

15 Drills for Training Transition - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

with Mike Hebert,
University of Minnesota Head Coach;
5X Big Ten Coach of the Year; member of the AVCA Hall of Fame in December (2006);
over 800 career victories

Using game footage, Mike Hebert illustrates the six most common "transition moments" in volleyball.

These transition moments include: Defense to offense, defensive base to defensive read, serve reception to attack, serve to defensive base, coverage to attack, and chaos to order.

Next Coach Hebert demonstrates drills to teach your players how to react in each of these situations, where to position themselves on the court, and what footwork you want them to use to get to their positions.

39 minutes. 2001.


Volleyball Offense: Quick Attack and Combination Plays

  • See visuals of the tactical strategies and techniques to a quick attack
  • Learn the different zone breakdown for strategic planning
  • Improve your player's acceleration into their attacks 

Quick Attack and Combination Plays - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc. 

with Russ Rose,
Penn State University Head Coach;
back-to-back-to-back NCAA Championships (2009, 2008, 2007), 4x NCAA Championship Coach;
3X AVCA National Coach of the Year,
over 1000 career coaching victories,
recognized by USA Volleyball as one of their All-Time Great Coaches in 2005

This video has an excellent overview of the concepts relevant in developing the quick attack and learning several combination plays.

Great visuals of the tactical strategies and techniques to a quick attack are also demonstrated.

Rose describes the different zones of the court and demonstrates attack tactics without using a ball.

Individual volleyball offense drills utilizing various hits necessary to be successful in a quick and combination attack style of play are also demonstrated.

Some of the segments of a quick and combination attack included are: slide attacks, volleyball offense sequences, free ball plays, and two-hitter attacks.

This comprehensive video is a great tool to improve your players acceleration into their attacks and volleyball offense strategies.

35 minutes. 2000.


Volleyball Offense: Intangibles for Success: Developing the 'Total Setter'

  • Better your setter, and better your team
  • Improve your setter's attack mentality
  • See drill demonstrations to improve technique and volleyball offense strategy 

Intangibles for Success: Developing the 'Total Setter' - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

with Geoff Carlston,
Ohio State University Head Coach:
former Ohio University Head Volleyball Coach,
4X Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year; 4X MAC Champions

Your setter is the most important part of your team.

In this DVD, Coach Geoff Carlston outlines the most important qualities to look for when choosing your setter.

Once you have selected your setter, the techniques on this DVD - training footwork, framing and attacking mentality - will aid greatly the development of your setter into a complete player.

On court demonstrations will show simple settings that take advantage of match-ups, zone dumps, jump setting and running a fast tempo volleyball offense to take advantage of taller teams.

Volleyball offense drills that teach technique and strategy are demonstrated throughout the video.

30 minutes. 2006.


John Dunning's Taking Your Game to the Next Level  

John Dunning's Taking Your Game to the Next Level - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.


John Dunning's Taking Your Setting to the Next Level

with John Dunning,
Stanford University Head Coach;
2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
former University of Pacific Head Coach, 1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

Coach John Dunning shares with you a 4-part guide to assist you in taking your setting to the next level.

His presentation spans a skill range including basic, intermediate and advanced levels of the position.

In Part 1, "Characteristics of the 'Total' Setter," Dunning discusses the position dynamics including the role of the setter, setting situations and factors of successful volleyball offense.

In Part 2, Setting Skills, Dunning teaches the proper mechanics of court positioning, body posture, hand positioning, squaring to target, essential footwork, ball touch and follow through.

He shares a series of volleyball offense drill progressions that teach court awareness.

In Part 3, Specific Sets, Dunning delivers comprehensive demonstration of the one, three and "A" sets followed by three varieties of setting for the back row attack.

Dunning follows with a segment on Zones and Footwork, including front and back zone fan drills along with specific details for positioning and footwork relative to the setting target.

Dunning teaches the spin, tilt and the tight zone sets.

In Part 4, Tight Pass Setting Options, Dunning details jousting and tight pass dumps and dump strategies.

Included in this section is game footage highlighting several tight pass situations.

As a bonus, former Stanford All-American setter Bryn Kehoe shares her insight on volleyball offense strategies and a variety of aspects of the setter position.

67 minutes. 2008.


John Dunning's Taking Your Passing & Defense to the Next Level

with John Dunning,
Stanford University Head Coach;
2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
former University of Pacific Head Coach, 1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

John Dunning believes that the cornerstone of great volleyball lies in the development of the skills of passing and defense.

Coach Dunning begins by sharing the characteristics for great passing before moving into skill development areas that span ability levels from basic through advanced.

He covers set-up and ready position, strike zone and early platform establishment.

Throughout this segment, Dunning interjects coaching tips and drills that incorporate communication, movement and court spacing, while emphasizing the need to maintain a consistent form as the game pace increases.

In Part 2: Digging, Dunning begins with individual body posture and positioning for readiness to run to the ball.

He shares tips for body control and how to cushion hard hit balls, and then adds motion drills for high and low digs followed by lateral movement drills to dig.

Dunning moves next to on-court applications, bringing game speed to the skills.

He utilizes a two-digger drill and defines the roles for positioning.

In the final segment "Attitude of a Champion," Dunning shares an all out drill that challenges a defender's will to get to the ball.

Concluding this segment is montage of game footage highlights of aggressive digging.

Throughout the presentation, Dunning calls upon Stanford All-American Bryn Kehoe to share her thoughts and invaluable insights from a player's perspective.

51 minutes. 2008.


John Dunning's Taking Your Attacking, Serving, & Blocking to the Next Level!

with John Dunning,
Stanford University Head Coach;
2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
former University of Pacific Head Coach, 1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

Legendary coach John Dunning presents the point scoring areas in volleyball: Attacking, Serving and Blocking.

All topics are presented from the foundational basics and progress through advanced tactics.

In Part 1, Attacking, Dunning shares technical and tactical goals for successful attacking.

Coach Dunning implements a series of technique drills on the box without the jump, teaching foundations of rotation and body before progressing to the approach. He details the approach without the ball followed by approaches with hitting.

Throughout the drills, Dunning offers invaluable insights for footwork, planting, location and landing.

Next, Dunning moves into volleyball offense hitting situations and sets including quick set and hits.

In Part 2, Serving, Dunning shares technique, strategies and ability-based progressions for the standing float serve, jump float, jump spin, short serve and deep court serve.

In Part 3, Blocking, Dunning's basic blocking instruction begins with one on ball focusing on proper blocking technique.

Next is partner blocking that necessitates court awareness, location, communication and read of the hitter. Drills and strategies included in this section include box drills, movement blocking, jump blocking and soft blocking.

To further enhance each skill area you will hear insightful dialog from the players and see game footage of each skill area.

68 minutes. 2008.


Volleyball Offense: Competitive Play Solutions: Games for the Game

  • See 13 Highly competitive games
  • Bring fun and competition into your practice
  • Get game tough in practice 

Competitive Play Solutions: Games for the Game - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

with Mary Wise,
University of Florida Head Volleyball Coach,
2X AVCA National Coach of the Year!

In this "competitive games" presentation, Mary Wise shares 13 of her favorite competitive games.

Each game has a unique and/or specific focus on essential fundamental skills of the game.

What makes this DVD unique is the fact that each one of the 13 games Coach Wise teaches and coaches is played out to completion so that you too can teach and coach the game through its finale!

The games develop a number of focus areas: three contacts on a side, serve receive, defense to volleyball offense transition, hitting and blocking, serving, wash drills, team serve reception, digging, error corrections, passing and setting; all in competitive, game-like situations.

These competitive situations will help you prepare your team for matches by teaching them to transition individual skill development into team play.

45 minutes. 2005.




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