Volleyball Positions Middle Blocker Offensive and Defensive Responsibilities

The middle blocker volleyball position blocking and hitting responsibilities, strategies and tips. 

Volleyball Positions, Middle Blocker

What the middle blocker decides to block, will depend on

what your coach has told you and your teammates in your pre-

game strategy meeting or during the scouting session.

You follow whatever offensive plays and defensive 

blocking strategies the coach has established for stopping

particular hitter at the net or for neutralizing a particular team's

attack in your back row.

Let's say your coach hasn't established any specific blocking

strategies in the game plan, then the area of the court that you

decide to take away from a particular hitter is determined by

the indications you " read" or "see" and what you have noticed

about that opposing hitter's tendencies.

Volleyball Positions Middle Blocker
Middles Need To Read and Remember Hitter Tendencies

Of all the volleyball positions middle blocker is the one that needs to

remember the most, what an opposing player has done effectively

when attacking during the match.

If you're a middle blocker you want to keep that information in your

mental toolbox and pull that information out to use when you go up to

stop an attack hit at the net. 

Middle Hitter vs Middle Blocker (Matt van Winkle)Middle Hitter vs Middle Blocker (Matt van Winkle)

You might be thinking ...

"Okay here she comes again, what did this chick do last time

she hit that type of set?

Oh, that's right she tried to hit cross court on me.

The last time she did that  I could tell because she really opened

up her hips during her spike approach towards my cross court.

If she does that again I know she's probably going to hit cross

court again. I'll be ready for her this time!"  

Volleyball Positions Middle Blocker
Things To Remember

Things to consider.  Ask yourself...

  • Has she beat you cross court? if so then I'll drop my arms and penetrate further over the net to take more of her cross court away
  • Does she tip all the time on a bad set or does she try and take a swing at it. If she tips I probably don't need to go up and block that or do I, let me ask Coach
  • Does she have a quick arm swing, if so I need to block jump faster and get my arms over the net quicker
  • Does a particular hitter drop her elbow before she hits a down ball? If so that means her ball is going to go high over the net let me ask Coach if I need to block the down ball

You need to remember how and where a hitter has been able to

score points against your team during a match, so you can help

form a plan which stops the hitter from being so effective.

Once you've decided which area of the court to take away from the

hitter, stick with your plan!

You don't want to block an area then go chase the ball in mid air with

your arms flailing above your head in an attempt to try and cover

another area.

You can't block everything at the net. You have to stay focused and

disciplined and follow through with what you said you were going to do

or what the team decided to do. 

If you are going to block a certain hitter cross court then you need to do

that even if in the middle of her  hit she shows you something else. 

Your attempt to take away everything, really means that you

haven't decided on any specific part of the court to take away

from the hitter with your block, so in the end you will be taking

away nothing.

You will just give the hitter a target to hit at with your hands.

As a blocker in volleyball remember that you just can't cover

everything at the net because the front row defensive players are

working together with the back row defensive players.

If the front row is taking one area of the court away, then the back row is

depending on them to follow the game plan and to do that 

in each rally until the coach decides to change the game plan. . 

Volleyball Positions Middle Blocker:
What Areas Along The Net Can The Block Take Away?

Basically, you can take away three things from an oncoming

opposing hitter. You can take away their line hit, you can take

away their cross court hit or you can take the ball.

When you set up early and take only one area, whether cross court or

line, then your back row players on defense will be able to understand

easier and faster what other areas of the court to cover behind

your block.

If you are a blocker in volleyball at the net trying to take everything

away, then your back row teammates don't know where they need

to position themselves in defense behind you. 

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