Volleyball Setter Sayings

Setter Volleyball Quotes, Slogans, Chants and Cheers 
For Players Who Run The Team Offense

volleyball setter sayings

Volleyball setter sayings for players who love running the offense and leading their team on the court. 

I've created a series of setter sayings and rhyming quotes that can be

used as team chants, cheers or even slogans.

These sayings have inspired many of the designs  for my line

of volleyball tshirts called the Volley.Brag.Swag designs.

Volley.Brag.Swag designs are confidence building setter

statements with fun sayings and original quotes that allow players in all

positions including  hitters, liberos, middles, and blockers to express

confidence and pride in their playing talents.

In short, Volley.Brag.Swag statements allow players, coaches and fans to

show how good they feel about themselves without having to utter a


volleyball setter sayings

Since setters are responsible for running the offense on the court

I have alot of fun focusing on their talents, workmanship and leadership


The volleyball setter quotes on the Volley.Brag.Swag shirts give

players a fun way to express how confident they feel about their setting

skills and abilities when playing. 

Many players may feel that they are not getting as much

encouragement from the people they are surrounded by.

Our volleyball tshirts give players a way to be confident and

to encourage themselves, without uttering a word.

volleyball setter sayings

the trouble with U iz

U wanna handle...MY biz

and on THIS court

ive shown MORE times than NOT

that in THIS setting Race

IM the Queen of THIS Place,

cuz i can block or set or

tip 2 ANY spot!

we're IN the 2nd set

and by now U know

in THIS game

I AM the setting WIZ!

so far in EACH play

my strategy's been

2 show y'all

what an offense really is...

u failed 2 pass my test...

of being smart when U go up 2 BLOCK

my feet R mad quick

my delivery is sick

...a fast offense, U know i can ROCK!

volleyball setter sayings

copyright April Chapple 2013 - 2017

More Volleyball Setter Sayings

Here's another one of the volleyball setter sayings for

Volley.Brag.Swag that's specifically for the fellas:

volleyball setter sayings
volleyball setter sayings
volleyball setter sayings

copyright April Chapple  2013  - 2017

As I develop and complete more volleyball setter slogans I will share

them here on this page.

Check back often, I'll add more volleyball setter sayings to this page


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