Videos of Volleyball Blocking

Videos of Volleyball Blocking.

What types are there and how can they help you improve your

defensive skills at the net?

Blocking videos come in many forms including..

  • videos illustrating a team or individual player's blocking strategies
  • coaches talking about blocking patterns their teams utilize in defense
  • players discussing their defensive positions and how they improved their individual technique
  • coaches talking about their philosophies toward team blocking and individual blocking
  • coaches clinics where well-known clinicians use players to illustrate the drills they do in club or their own collegiate volleyball practices 
  • interviews of collegiate middle blockers who discuss the difference between playing in high school and blocking in college
  • profiles of the best front court and back court defensive players of the week in Division I women's volleyball competition

All these types of videos of volleyball blocking instruction are helpful and

provide valuable information for players and coaches who want to learn

more about the blocking skill.

Volleyball Videos: Middle Blockers

If you are an aspiring collegiate middle blocker or a coach looking for

insight into the middle blocking skill, there are interviews of middle

blockers sharing their inspiring volleyball stories, talking about their

personal experiences and what goals they've set for themselves in high

school and college, all of which provides valuable advice and information

that can be used as educational resources.

In addition, these players discuss what fears they've had to overcome

and what their greatest struggles have been and still are.

Their inspirational stories of achievement should enlighten you on ways

to block a volleyball better or help answer any questions about defense

and blocking in volleyball you, your teammates or other players and

coaches may have.

These types of volleyball videos of middle blockers talking about blocking

are filled with useful volleyball quotes that you should use to boost your

confidence while you apply the information, discover new ideas or follow

their suggestions in your next practice or competitive situation.

Learn How To Dissolve Your Fears!

Interview with University of Illinois Fighting Illini
Redshirt Junior Middle Blocker Anna Dorn

I find it extremely helpful when I hear directly from a student athlete or

professional volleyball player who takes the time to explain how they

spend their practice time or their time away from the gym learning or

practicing aspects of the volleyball blocking technique which they then

apply to game situations.

Just say this to yourself!

"If they can do it, I can do it too! I just need to learn how."

Then do some research on the volleyball videos on blocking that can

inspire and motivate you.

Begin learning from an expert, someone with credentials who's

playing in Division I, who's coaching in Division I, who's playing

professionally or played in the Olympics or who has proven to be very

good at producing other players who earn scholarships to play in Division

I or top Division II or championship winning high school teams.

Become A Better Blocker!

WMU Volleyball - The Sam Viox Show
Sam Viox Interviews Sophomore Middle Blocker Jessica Brown

Everyone seems to find that learning this skill in the beginning is difficult

to master.

Copy The Best To Become The Best

Penn State Women's Volleyball Outside Hitter Deja McClendon Interviews Nia Grant for Insight on the Role of a Middle Blocker.

If I was a volleyball player who was trying to get better, once I knew

that, and I realized that I'm not the only player having difficulty and

that many players go through the same process I have to to go through

in order to get better, I would probably feel a lot better about applying

myself and working harder to get more volleyball blocks during my games

and competitions.

I find that when volleyball players realize this, they work harder at their

craft and they are motivated a lot faster to improve all aspects of their

blocking technique.

That's why I feel that the inspirational volleyball stories often told on

video in player interviews are extremely educational and valuable.

Inspiring Female Volleyball Players Interviews

Some inspiring volleyball stories aren't on video but they are in

the section of this site where players wrote down their responses to my

interview questions about what it's like to be a collegiate player.

One of the best ways to improve volleyball blocking is to learn from

those players who do it in college and who play it at higher levels.

Volleyball Player Picture Gallery of
Blockers In Action

This is a fantastic opportunity to read the firsthand inspiring volleyball

stories, tips and advice from players who were chosen to represent their

NCAA conference as Player of the Week during one of the 15 weeks of

Division I women's volleyball competition.

Volleyball Players Profiles On Video

Each year, some collegiate teams produce volleyball video profiles of the

players on their team, so fans can get to know the bios and

backgrounds of the current players.

Washington State Cougars Volleyball
Middle Blocker Profile
Marcelina Glab

During preseason when new team members join a Division I

team, the Sports Information department will produce a

"Getting to Know The Players" series of volleyball videos where each

student athlete on the team introduces themselves, they talk about

where they are from and many give background information on how

and why they chose to attend that university or play for that coach.

Additionally, some players will be asked to share their expectations for

themselves, and/or for their team for the upcoming season.

Since many players are recruited from out-of-state these volleyball

video profiles allow larger numbers of team followers, family members

and fans to get to know each player faster.

Washington State Cougars Volleyball
Middle Blocker Profile 
Ver'Leea Hardaway

This opportunity gives the fans their first chance to get to hear about

the accomplishments of new standout players or new recruits statistical

performances which include hits, digs and volleyball blocks per game

that they may have achieved on previous teams they were members of.

Freshman Middle Blocker Sara Hattis Talks About
Her First Season With the Texas Volleyball Program

Similar to the volleyball video interviews, these profiles give players a

chance to talk about how they feel about their practices, about their

team and individual goals, about their relationship with the coaches and

coaching staff and also gives them a chance to share something

personal about themselves.

Get To Know Georgia Tech Volleyball
Middle Blocker Annie Czarnecki in Her Senior Profile

How do these types of profiles differ from interviews?

What differs from interviews is that profiles tend to be more personal

and focus mostly on the player where many interviews happen after the

game or in press conference situations and focus on a player giving their

feedback and insight on their team's or individual game performance.

To watch more volleyball videos on blocking, middle blockers

interviews and profiles go to

Inspiring Female Volleyball Players

Coaches With Volleyball Videos On Blocking

Use free videos of volleyball blocking instruction presented by

knowledgeable college coaches as tools to help you improve your

defensive game at the net.

I've found that there are usually three categories of volleyball videos on

blocking either featuring or produced by top college volleyball coaches

who take center stage in teaching volleyball blocking fundamentals.

Enrollment At The Aggie Academy Is Open at New Mexico State

If you're looking for ways to improve your individual volleyball

blocking skills there are Division I coaches who are very good at

explaining how to block a volleyball.

They produce volleyball videos on blocking that start with an

explanation of the ready position a player should adopt, the blocking

hands they should use with the proper blocking finish at the end, the

correct footwork patterns for traveling short and long distances along

the net and the best upper and mid body positioning a player should use

to get as much of their shoulders and hands to penetrate over the net

as possible.

AVCA Video Tip of the Week
Northwestern University Coach Keylor Chan

Middle Blocking and Tracking The Ball

There are a select few coaches in Division I in NCAA competition, who

star on the website the Art of Coaching Volleyball and I would

recommend a few reputable sites like this one which I think are the

best at explaining the advanced block rules in volleyball for specific

individual blocking techniques like staying squared to the net

and watching the hitter with your eyes open during the block, two

blocking skills which often take longer for players to learn.

Serving and Blocking With
Six-Time NCAA Volleyball Champion, Russ Rose

This is a quick preview to Russ Rose's Serving and Blocking session at The Art of Coaching Volleyball Atlanta Clinic

Team blocking strategies is the other category of videos of volleyball

blocking that I've identified online and these types of videos feature

coaches who talk about team defense and how the

block in volleyball is related to the back row defense and how the two

work hand in hand together.

In these advanced videos of volleyball blocking, the coaches will detail

various types of defense their teams run which can range from the man

up defense, the man back defense, rotation defense or a read defense

to name a few.

When explaining all the aspects of each defensive strategy, it's crucial

that they review what the roles each of the blockers play and how

important their block is to each type of defense.

The Box Drill

presented by

The Art of Coaching

The third category of videos of volleyball blocking are the drills.

Whether they are individual drills which focus on static

movement used to improve technique or team drills which focus more on

dynamic movements, videos that focus on volleyball blocking drills are

the most popular and the most in demand.

College Volleyball Players With
Volleyball Videos On Blocking

Another category of volleyball videos on blocking feature collegiate

volleyball players teaching viewers aspect of the blocking game.

I love it when teams produce videos that educate their fans on the

simple and advanced aspects of volleyball skills.

Iowa State Cyclones
Volleyball Blocking Lessons

Pro Volleyball Players With
Videos Of Volleyball Blocking

Volleyball is another resource where volleyball videos about

blocking featuring professional-players-turned-instructors provide a

great free online resource.

As an instructional volleyball coaching website, visitors to Volleyball have a choice of viewing free videos or paying for a

monthly-to-18 month membership.

Videos of Volleyball Blocking from AVP Pro Matt Fuerbringer

Six year AVP player, NCAA Champion and FIVB pro beach volleyball

player Matt Fuerbringer has proven to be one of the top blockers on the

American and international pro beach tours.

Matt shares his personal tips in these first of six videos of volleyball

blocking in his coaching series on Volleyball

Videos of Volleyball Blocking With
World Class Olympic Coaches

Olympic Australian Gold Medal Winning Coach Steve Anderson

American born Steve Anderson moved to Australia and became a legend

in his own right by coaching the first Aussie women's teams to gold

medals in the Atlanta Olympics.

He has coached numerous Australian beach volleyball players and is

featured in this Volleyball 1on1 series of videos of volleyball blocking


Listen to what he has to say about blocking a ball on the beach...

Two Time Olympian Kim Oden The Complete Guide To Blocking

Beach Volleyball Blocking Videos

AVP Pro Beach Player Lauren Fendrick
Talks About Blocking on Volleyball 1on1

Six year AVP Pro Lauren Fendrick has excelled at her net game raising

her quality of play both on domestic and international beach tours.

She has grown her reputation as being one of the AVP's best blockers

through hard work and practice.

Listen to what she says in this series of videos of volleyball on how to

block a ball on the beach.

Discover more volleyball blocker information below.

The Middle Volleyball Blocker

Blocking Volleyball Players Successfully

The Block in Volleyball

The Volleyball Block

How to Block a Volleyball

Blocking in Volleyball

The Middle Blocker in Volleyball

Return To The Volleyball Block From Videos of Volleyball Blocking


Return to Inspiring Female Volleyball Players in Pictures From Videos of

Volleyball Blocking Instruction

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