Watching Volleyball Videos Can Improve Your Game

Watch volleyball training videos To improve individual skills

Cal Bears volleyball player ready for defenseCal Bears volleyball player ready for defense

Watching volleyball videos may seem like the most boring aspect of

pre-game preparation.

But like most things in volleyball you just have to know how to make this

process work for you.

Usually there are two basic reasons why a coach has you watch videos.

For college volleyball players, in preparation of an upcoming game the 

coach will have their players watch videos of the opposing team

to discover the team's tendencies or the habits of each of the players.

Volleyball Videos: Scouting Teams 

This way you know how to prepare your defense against that other

team's offense.

When you learn what to watch for in volleyball videos it can prepare you

to anticipate exactly what an opposing team plans to do during a


When watching video you should keep track of when the setter sets

certain hitters, how she sets them and how often. 

Many teams are coached to do things in patterns. Once you watch

them play you will begin to see and identify the patterns they follow and

use those to your advantage. 

Volleyball Videos: Scouting Players

Watching videos is super effective when you want to identify a player's

playing tendencies. 

Or you know how to time your block to keep a particularly

effective player from scoring too many points. 

Learn How To Play Volleyball Video

The other reason to watch videos of volleyball instructions is to learn

how to play volleyball better or more specifically learn how to perform

specific individual skills.

While watching videos, it's easy to get lost in the moment of the

volleyball game on the small screen because so much is happening.

But what you need to do is to focus on one specific aspect of the game

that will help you improve your skills.

Instead of watching every play just for the sake of saying "Hey I

finished watching these video clips" you need to pick that particular skill

that you want to improve, then you should identify the one volleyball

player that does that skill well.

If you need to improve your volleyball passing skills, then while watching

videos of players in a particular game you need to focus on watching

the more experienced players pass the ball.

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Unless your coach has instructed you to watch for something

in particular...let's say she wants you to watch the way a team plays

defense or the way a player transitions off the want to focus

on watching a better volleyball player perform the skill that you need to

work on the most.

  • If she is in position 4 how much does the player have her platform angled to the target?
  • Which foot does she have slightly forward?
  • Is her upper body straight up or crouched over when she contacts the ball?
  • Can you tell what she is looking at when the ball is served by the opposing team's server?  
  • When she moves laterally to get into position to pass the ball does she stay low or does she stand up?
  • Does she always keep her elbows together so that her platform is straight as a board?

These are some things to look for when you are watching videos in

order to help you improve your volleyball passing

This list gives you an idea of the types of things to ask yourself when

watching videos when you want to improve other volleyball skills as well.

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