AVCA 2010 All American
Volleyball List: Where Are They Now? 

2010 Division I First, Second and Third Team Volleyball Player Award Winners

AVCA 2010 All American Players: Rachael Adams and Juliann FaucetteAVCA 2010 All Americans: Rachael Adams and Juliann Faucette

AVCA 2010 All American Award Winners! Congratulations ladies!

Every year the AVCA which stands for the American Volleyball Coaches

Association votes on the female volleyball players that they believe

should be selected to their All-American teams.

Chosen by the nine-member AVCA Division I All-America Committee, 

this year headed by Dayton head volleyball coach Kelly Sheffield, three 

All American teams are named, each with fourteen female players 

named to them. 

Additionally there is a Freshman Player of the Year and a National 

Female Volleyball Player of the Year named as well.

Find out what everyone is doing seven years later.  

Where are they now? 

2010 All Americans: Rachael Adams

Rachael Adams

The University of Texas

Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'2 Cincinnati, Ohio

Pro Volleyball Player, US Olympian Rachael Adams

“I had many setbacks during the summer of 2015, and during those moments I was left with a choice to make: to either let the setbacks defeat me or keep pushing, trust my process and hold my vision of where I want to be.

One of my favorite quotes says, ‘I am thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn't have stumbled upon my strength.’ These times weren't easy, but they shaped me into the person I needed to be and gave me strength I needed to have in order to be the player I was for my team in Rio."

-Rachael Adams

  • AVCAAll American 2010
  • AVCA All American 2011
  • 2016 USA Volleyball Female Indoor Most Improved Player of the Year
  • 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist

  • AVCA All Americans 2010 : Ashley Benson

    Ashley Benson 

    Indiana University

    Middle Blocker Sr. 6'3 Bloomington, Indiana

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Blair Brown

    Blair Brown 

    Penn State University

    Right Side/Opposite, Senior, 6'5 Purcellville, Virginia

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Kanani Danielson

    Kanani Danielson

    University of Hawai'i

    Outside Hitter, Junior, 5'10 Ewa Beach, Hawai'i

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Brooke Delano

    Brooke Delano

    University of Nebraska

    Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'4 Bellevue, Nebraska

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Juliann Faucette

    Juliann Faucette

    The University of Texas

    Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'2, San Diego, California

    Juliann Faucette  University of Texas (Aaron Vazquez)Juliann Faucette University of Texas (Aaron Vazquez)

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Victoria Henson

    Victoria Henson

    Iowa State University

    Outside Hitter, Senior, 5'11 Leavenworth, Kansas

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Alex Jupiter

    Alex Jupiter 

    Univ. of Southern California

    Outside Hitter, Junior, 6' 3" Paris, France

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Alix Klineman


    Alix Klineman 

    Stanford University

    Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'4 Manhattan Beach, California

    Pro Volleyball Player in Brazil: Alex Klineman

    Pro Beach Volleyball Player: Alex Klineman

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Cassidy Lichtman

    Cassidy Lichtman 

    Stanford University

    Setter/Outside Hitter Sr. 6'1 Poway, California

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Carli Lloyd

    Carli Lloyd 

    University of California

    Setter Sr. 5'11 Bonsall, California

    Pro Volleyball Player Carli Lloyd in Italy

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Kelly Murphy

    Kelly Murphy

    University of Florida

    Setter/Outside Hitter Jr. 6'2 Wilmington, Illinois

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Tarah Murray

    Tarah Murrey

    University of California

    Outside Hitter Jr. 6'3 El Cerrito, California

    AVCA All Americans 2010: Arielle Wilson

    Arielle Wilson 

    Penn State University

    Middle Blocker Sr. 6'3 Broadview, Illinois

    2010 Division I Freshman of the Year: Deja McClendon

    Deja McClendon, Penn State, Outside Hitter

    2010 Division I Player of the Year: Carli Lloyd

    Carli Lloyd, Cal Berekeley, Setter 

    2010 Division I Second Team All American

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Kendall Bateman

    Kendall Bateman

    Univ. of Southern California

    Setter, Junior, 5'11, Manhattan Beach, California

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Kindra Carlson

    Kindra Carlson

    University of Washington

    Right Side/Opposite, Senior, 6'1 Eaton, Colorado

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Lindsay Fletemier

    Lindsay Fletemier

    University of Dayton

    Middle Blocker, Senior, 6'6, Garden City, Michigan

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Tyler Henderson 

    Tyler Henderson

    University of Tulsa

    Outside Hitter, Sophomore, 5'10, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Brittany Hewitt

    Brittany Hewitt

    University of Hawai'i

    Middle Blocker, Sophomore, 6'3, Eagle, Idaho

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Deja McClendon

    Deja McClendon

    Penn State University

    Outside Hitter, Freshman, 6'1, Louisville, Kentucky

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Sabel Moffett

    Sabel Moffett

    Northwestern University,

    Middle Blocker, Senior, 6'0, Temecula, California

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Stephanie Niemer

    Stephanie Niemer

    University of Cincinnati

    Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'2, Erlanger, Kentucky

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Bre Payton

    Bre Payton

    University of Northern Iowa

    Setter, Junior, 5'9, Waterloo, Iowa

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Becky Perry

    Becky Perry

    University of Washington

    Outside Hitter, Senior, 6'2, Austin, Texas

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Colleen Ward

    Colleen Ward

    University of Illinois

    Outside Hitter, Junior, 6'2, Naperville, Illinois

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Hannah Werth

    Hannah Werth

    University of Nebraska

    Outside Hitter, Sophomore, 6'1, Springfield, Illinois

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Lexi Zimmerman

    Lexi Zimmerman

    University of Michigan,

    Setter, Senior, 5'10, Barrington, Illinois

    2010 AVCA Division I Third-Team All-American  

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Gabi Ailes

    Gabi Ailes

    Stanford University

    Defensive Specialist/Libero, Senior, 5'7, Bellevue, Nebraska

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Brianne Barker

    Brianne Barker

    University of Oklahoma

    Setter, Junior, 5'9, Amarillo, Texas

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Michelle Bartsch

    Michelle Bartsch

    University of Illinois

    Right Side/Opposite, Junior, 6'3, Maryville, Illinois

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Ellie Blankenship

    Ellie Blankenship

    University of Northern Iowa

    Defensive Specialist/Libero, Senior, 5'10, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    AVCA All Americans 2010 : Lane Carico

    AVCA 2010 All American Award Winner: Lane CaricoAVCA 2010 All American Award Winner: Lane Carico

    Lane Carico

    University of Miami

    Outside Hitter, Junior, 5'11, Manhattan Beach, California

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Kellie Catanach

    Kellie Catanach

    Duke University

    Setter, Junior, 6'2, Tampa, Florida

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Nikki Fowler

    Nikki Fowler

    University of Tennessee

    Right Side/Opposite, Senior, 6'2 Dallas, Texas

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Hillary Haen

    Hillary Haen

    University of Illinois

    Setter, Senior, 5'10, Crystal Lake, Illinois

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Jaclyn Hart

    Jaclyn Hart

    Purdue University

    Setter, Senior, 6'1, Palos Hills, Illinois

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Alex Hunt

    Alex Hunt

    University of Michigan

    Outside Hitter, Junior, 6'0, Granger, Indiana

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Jennifer Keddy

    AVCA 2010 All American Award Winner: Jennifer KeddyAVCA 2010 All American Award Winner: Jennifer Keddy

    Jennifer Keddy

    Cal Poly

    Middle Blocker, Sophomore, 6'4, Missoula, Montana

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Ashley Mass

    Ashley Mass

    Iowa State University

    Defensive Specialist/Libero, Senior, 5'8, Muskego, Wisconsin

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Regina Thomas

    Regina Thomas

    University of Mississippi

    Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'0, Richardson, Texas

    AVCA 2010 All Americans: Lauren Williams

    Lauren Williams

    Univ. of Southern California     

    Middle Blocker, Junior, 6'4, Houston, Texas

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