9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips: A List of Digging Action Steps

A Comprehensive List of Digging Actions To Take Before, During and After You Dig A Ball

Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips: A Checklist of Digging Action Steps (Matt Van Winkle)Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips: A Comprehensive Checklist of Digging Action Steps (Matt Van Winkle)

This is a breakdown in an easy-to-read format of the steps to take as a libero, defensive specialist or back court defender which starts from the moment the opposing team serves to after you finish your dig. 

9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips
Before The Serve - What You Should Do

Verbally establish your defensive assignment and defensive position.                                           

  • Does the opposing team set high balls to the outsides or do they run quick plays?
  • Are you digging line or cross court?
  • What team defense are you playing and where do you need to be in that defense? Behind the block? deep down the line?
  • Do you cover tips to the middle or do you cover the seam between the block?

As a digger you need to know and you communicate/confirm this to your blockers and other diggers

Identify where the setter is as well as the number and location of eligible attackers.                            

  • Is the setter front row? If so tell your teammates and locate the other two front row eligible hitters.
  • Is she backrow? Then locate the jersey number and location of the hitters and tell all your teammates both in the front row and backrow

9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips: Ashley Engle calls out how. many opposing team hitters are in the front row.9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips: Ashley Engle calls out how. many opposing team hitters are in the front row.

Know the style of offense of the opposing team (high outside, play-set combination, quick set, setter dumps, etc.) and identify the probable options.                                                                    

  • Who are you going to dig?
  • Where in the backcourt are you going to dig them?
  • Are you supposed to dig hard hits or run down the tips?
  • Do you cover the seams? 

Do you know the opposing team's hitter tendencies

  • Who tips all the time? 
  • Who can only hit cross court? 
  • Who hits on the way down from her spike approach? 
  • Who has a slow armswing?

9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips
Ball Is Served - What You Should Do

Quickly assume your final correct floor position. The act of serving is completely separate from the act of running to your starting defensive position. 

9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips
Ball Is Passed - What You Should Do

Is the opponent's first pass coming over the net?      

  • If so, pass the free ball to your setter 
  • If not, watch the quality of the pass and assess the setter's options.
  • Can she run all her options? Will she be forced to tip the ball back over or is she in trouble because of a bad pass?  
  • Sometime during the flight of the pass glance at the attackers to read and verbalize/talk about the developing play. Then (focus your attention to the setter) as the pass arrives 

9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips
Ball Is Set - What You Should Do

Watch the setter deliver the ball.

Assume the "mental ready position."

  • Know a tip is coming BEFORE it happens, be ready for the HARD driven ball FIRST, then be able to react from your position.

Even though you're in a specific spot, you are responsible for an area.

9 Backcourt Defense Volleyball Tips
Ball Is Attacked - What You Should Do


  • React in the direction of the attacked ball.                   
  • Never let a ball hit the floor without maximum effort to prevent the ball from hitting the floor
  • Play the ball low. Don't rush to contact the ball, play it at its lowest point possible.

Scroll down to read more information about how to improve your digging. 

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