Beach Volleyball Serves Score More With The Jump Float Topspin Or Sky

Use your beach volleyball serves like the topspin, float, jump float and sky ball to score points by serving the ball where there are open spaces on the court.

Regardless of your choice of beach volleyball serves, whether you choose to

the main key to scoring direct points in beach volleyball is to serve the ball where there are open spaces on the court.

Don't allow yourself to be so drawn to or hypnotized by the two bodies standing on the other side that you serve an easy serve right at them.

Do this despite the fact that there's so much more open space to serve to with only two players on one side.

Beach Volleyball Serves
Serving Short in the Court

With your beach volleyball serves, aiming the ball short is an effective way of attacking from the service line, especially when playing against taller volleyball players.

In previous articles, I compared the spike approach a tall female volleyball player needs to take, to the runway an airplane needs to have in order to get liftoff.

To gain momentum and gather speed, an airplane needs to travel down a long runway in order to get into the air.

The same is true for tall female volleyball players, who usually need enough space to travel down their spike approach "runway" in order to gather the strength and momentum needed to get them in the air to spike the ball hard. 

They usually like to position themselves behind or around the ten foot area to begin their strong approach, which allows them

  • to hit hard and
  • enables them to see where the open spaces are on the volleyball court to hit to.

Now, the hitter

  • has to pass
  • then back up

(which we know running backwards in the sand is awkward and slows you down)

  • get stopped
  • take a peek at the court

and make a shortened abbreviated approach.

Most tall female volleyball players will then hit a

  • softer ball,
  • a weaker ball, or
  • a down ball

to keep the ball in play.

Or they will place a shot somewhere in the court, which is easier for your team to defend or pick up.

How To Improve Your Beach Volleyball Serves

For your overhand volleyball serve drills in practice, you can set up targets, using your

  • ball bag,
  • your beach towel,
  • your flip flops
  • and even smaller objects like your bottle of sun block

and place these in positions and spots around the beach volleyball court where

  • players usually don't stand in serve receive and
  • where you know that they would have to move out of their comfort zone to pass these balls.

To improve your beach volleyball serving, challenge yourself to serve a bag of balls at the beginning and end of practice, where at least ten balls have to hit each target before you can move onto serving at the next one. 

Yes it may take some time at the beginning to finish this serving drill but when you practice it regularly, it will become second nature for you to put the opposing team in serve receive difficulty because you'll easily serve to all these open areas on the court.

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