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Finding inspiring college volleyball news can be challenging.

There are more than 330 womens teams in Division I, and there aren't

very many places where you can find news about all the teams in one


We are trying to change that.

What sets Improve Your apart from other websites?

Our goal is to provide interesting information about NCAA volleyball life,

the players and the people involved in it.

Female College Volleyball Coaches

In Female College Volleyball Coaches readers will find interesting

information about the female head coaches in Division I.

In recent years there's been an increase in the number of women who

hold the role of head coach, but they are still a minority compared to

the number of men who can call themselves head coaches.

College Volleyball Players Honored

In College Players Honored we update this section each year to show

which college players are honored at the beginning and end of the

season by being named  as player of the week or receiving all

conference team honors.

These are big honors because it means that these players stood out 

among all the coaches and that they made an impression when 

playing against opposing teams so much so that their skills, abilities

and  hard work are recognized by being named to their conferences

weekly all star teams.

Volleyball Magazine All Americans

Every year Volleyball Magazine, one of the most popular volleyball

mags in the United States publishes a list of their picks of the best players

in the country who they think should be called "All American.

This annual list showcases the players they pick for their first, second,

third All American teams and they include an honorable mention list.

We update this section each year to show the results of the latest VM

All American picks. You will find a series of videos where you get a 

sense of who the players really are, how they think and the type of 

hard work they put in to be the best player on the court.

Great Volleyball Players Nominated
For The Honda Award

One of the most prestigious awards a collegiate female volleyball player

can win is the Honda Award.

Fans can vote for the finalists who've been nominated for the award

and the winner becomes a nominee for the Honda-Broderick Cup.

AVCA Names All American Players

The American Volleyball Coaches Association publishes an annual 

list of players they believe should be named to their All American player 


They name players to a first team, a second team a third team and they

have a freshman team as well as honorable mention selections.

College Volleyball Player Interviews

Read our interviews of inspiring female volleyball players in

college who standout from the crowd because of their leadership skills,

their playing abilities, their discipline and hard work.

Learn what it is that inspires them to work to reach their goals


College Volleyball Teams in Division I

There are a few more than 330 college teams in Division I who compete 

for the possibility to participate in their conference or NCAA 

championships every year.

Get to know which teams these are and in what conferences they

belong to.

NCAA Division I Team Names

Do you know what a Billiken is?

How about the story behind the Vandals?

Find out the names of each of the college teams and the cities where

all the universities are located.

Schedules For Preseason Tournaments

Every year after collegiate Division I teams finish their training season in

August they participate in four weeks of preseason tournaments.

Starting from the last week in August until the last week in September 

teams travel across the country to compete against non-conference 

opponents in tournaments that help prepare players for their regular 

season competition.

Many teams will host one or two of their own invitational or classic 

tournaments annually where they invite in-state and/or 

out-of-state non-conference rivals for two or three-day events which 

gives them an opportunity to practice the tactics and schemes they 

learned during training camp.

College Volleyball Camps Hosted by Division I Teams

Summer is a popular time for college coaches to host camps on their

campuses which local and regional middle and high school players

register for and attend every year.

Camp staff is usually made up of current and former team members as

well as local high school and community or junior college coaches.

Check out our directory which is organized by conference of the teams

offering camps across the country.

Schools Offer Different Colleges of Study

Sure players choose to play volleyball at different educational 

institutions all across the United States, but the question is what type 

of education do they get in return?

Players go to college to study not just play, and many go to a particular

school because they know it offers an education in the field of study

they are interested in receiving a degree in.

If you're curious to find out what departments of education and schools 

of study are offered at university campuses check out the listing in this 


NCAA Regionals

Find out which teams which received an automatic bid and which

teams had to win their conference championship title in order to qualify

in for a place in the NCAA tournament last season.

Airports Close To Campuses

Getting ready to go to a collegiate volleyball game? Need to travel

across town or across country? If you're going to your daughter's game

that happens to be in another state then check out the location of the

nearest airport to the university where the game is going to be held.

College Volleyball Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for bed sheets with the University of illinois

logo or UCLA Bruins golf equipment or clothes and pajama wear from

any of the Ivy League colleges you can find some great volleyball fan

gifts for holidays, birthdays or any major occasion.

I hope that the information and inspirational stories that are

written, submitted, and ultimately published on these pages will help

build self esteem, increase self confidence, add value, help contribute

to a positive self image and serve to instill a healthy sense of self respect

in female players all over the world.

If you are a news journalist, a Sports Information Director, a media

relations or journalist intern and/or assistant or sports information 

director who's written articles or inspirational volleyball stories 

or profiled a player for other sites or publications, we offer you a 

standing open invitation and highly encourage you to submit your 

stories for reprint consideration here on Inspiring Female Volleyball

Finding one place where you can read, submit, comment and discuss,

positive and uplifting NCAA volleyball news has just gotten a bit easier.

I think I’ve found a convenient way to provide you with automatically

updated, news and stories about your favorite NCAA teams.

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Not only will this page feature major NCAA volleyball stories that Google

News pulls together on an “as-it-happens” basis, but you get to play

reporter and editor on Improve Your, also!

Yes, here’s where you can comment on the news or add your own

news or commentary about this sport.

And as an avid volleyball fan I know you’ve got a lot to say!

You never know how your feedback can positively affect someone else

or make an uplifting impression on a young player's day, so I

highly encourage you to comment and contribute!

Don't hide, write!

In this climate of economic imbalance and turbulence I want to create a 

a place where my readers know they can come and get their spirits 

lifted, by reading positive, uplifting and inspiring stories that will boost 

their spirits.

Do you have a positive story or experience to share with


Do you want to add your own editorial comments about the latest

inspiring player, game or match here? If so...

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First though here’s the major news in college volleyball as gathered by 

Google from numerous news sources around the world…


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