I Describe Volleyball Blocking Terms and Types of Blocks in Volleyball

I describe volleyball blocking terms which explain common blocking skills and techniques varsity players know like "roof", "the joust" and the "kong block." 

Welcome to my blocking page where I describe volleyball blocking terms like; joust, roof and the Kong block. 

I also explain different types of blocking in volleyball like

  • block assist
  • block attempt
  • block touch

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Blocking in volleyball is the first line of defense for the serving team in a rally.

I Describe Volleyball Blocking Terms and Types of Blocks in Volleyball
How is a block used in volleyball?

After the serve, the front row players on the serving team now known as blockers, are in a three player blocking formation at the net ready to deflect any attack hit from the opposing team by jumping and extending shoulders, arms and hands over the net to create a wall that blocks the ball from re- entering their court

I Describe Volleyball Blocking Terms and Types of Blocks in Volleyball
What is required to block a volleyball well?

To block well you are required to

  1. have good footwork  
  2. have great body control while moving laterally and vertically 
  3. read your hitter to anticipate where and how she plans to attack - either line or cross court, or do they plan to tip over your block
  4. penetrate your hands over the net to block the ball by deflecting it back into your opponents court

I Describe Volleyball Blocking Terms and Types of Blocks in Volleyball
How many types of blocks are there in volleyball?

In this section I describe volleyball blocking slang terms and techniques like

  • a roof
  • a joust
  • the kong block

What's a roof?

A roof is volleyball slang for a strong aggressive blocking action made by a blocker who penetrates hands, arms and shoulders over the net to completely stop and shut down a hard hitting hitter. 

The shape of a blocker's hands, arms and shoulders when penetrating over the net to block looks like the shape of a roof on a house. 

Just like a ceiling or a roof that covers the top of a house a player's blocking hands should form the shape of a roof that covers and closes down a hitter's attempt to hit the ball past them. 

When this volleyball blocking action leaves no room for the hitter to hit past the block and results in the ball going straight down at a high speed back into the hitter's court typically within the ten foot line, it's called a "roof."

This is the volleyball slang word most players use when they successfully make an aggressive blocking move against that one opposing player that has been making really hard spikes during the game and has been scoring a lot of points.

I Describe Volleyball Blocking Terms and Types of Blocks in Volleyball
What's a joust?

What's a joust?

A joust occurs when two players contact the ball over the net at the same time.

This action occurs between two opposing blocking volleyball players, or one blocker and one hitter who was trying to tip the ball over the blocker and instead the ball was set close to the net, so now both players are contacting the ball at the same time, with both of them trying to push the ball into the other team's court.

Nine times out of ten, if two opposing players go up to contact a ball at the same time over the net, the last player to contact the ball almost always wins because they have momentum on their side.

Their advantage is that they are going up and pushing the ball over while the first player is coming down from their jump losing momentum and power as they get closer to the ground.

That's the secret to winning the joust.

It's one of the most important blocking secrets for short players. You must  try to be the second player to touch the ball in a joust. 

Once I learned this trick of being the second player to touch the ball, I hardly ever lost a joust because I knew that all I had to do was wait as long as I could, then once I saw the opposing player touch the ball then I put my hands on the ball and pushed it over into the opposing court.

I Describe Volleyball Blocking Terms and Types of Blocks in Volleyball
What's a Kong block?

What's a Kong block?

The phrase "Kong" block refers to a player who blocks a volleyball with one arm instead of two.

The Kong block was made famous and popularized by American beach champion and Hall of Fame inductee Randy Stoklos.

Instead of taking one area of the net away he would take two areas by splitting his hands when he jumped, so that both arms were almost parallel to the net but they were still penetrating above and over the plane of the net in an attempt to stop the hitter's from hitting either angle.

When he managed to block the ball, it was with one arm and it was a spectacular play.

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