Forearm Pass A Volleyball Better With This Ball Control Passing Guide

Ball control is the biggest part of being able to forearm pass a volleyball consistently to your setter when your team is in serve receive formation. 

To forearm pass a volleyball you 

  • clasp both arms together at the wrists, usually one palm of the hand inside the other 
  • while contacting the ball on the forearms, specifically the area above the wrists and below the inside of the elbow.

When Do You Forearm
Pass A Volleyball? 

The forearm pass is usually performed by one of three to five players on a team that is receiving the serve from the team on defense. 

The first person to contact the ball on the team that's in serve receive, uses "the pass", to get the ball to their setter.

Another example when you may have to forearm pass a volleyball is during the second contact, if you're a setter and you can't get your hands on the ball fast enough to set it. 

You can form a platform and bump set the ball passing it instead of setting it to one of your hitters to spike the ball over the net. 

 When You Forearm Pass A Volleyball Keep Your Hips Low

Controlling the pass, also called "controlling the ball" or "volleyball ball control" is a big part of becoming a very good passer. 

One way we teach passers to control the ball is to drop their hips lower than the level of the oncoming ball which helps you contact the ball to forearm pass it from a lower point. 

With your hips lower than the oncoming served ball you can get under it and give it lift  from a better angle with your legs without swinging your arms. 

When you're lower than the ball you can give it lift using your legs to help guide the ball.

When your hips are the same height or higher than the ball its harder to control it and the ball shoots over the net instead of to the setter or you shank it so no one can get to it. 

 When You Forearm Pass A Volleyball Keep Shoulders Over Your Knees

Another way we teach passers how to control the ball is to coach them to keep your shoulders over your knees when you pass the ball. 

Do not stand up to pass. 

One common mistake passers make is to pull their shoulders back behind their knees when they make contact with the ball while passing.  

In other words they stand up to pass the ball especially when the ball is served high at them. 

Instead we teach passers to keep their shoulders over their knees when contacting the ball and let the ball come down low. 

When passing the ball in serve receive, you need to control the ball so it stays on your side of the net and gets to the setter.

If you stand up or pull your shoulders back when passing, you also pull the ball back so it stays closer to you in the backrow.

The setter will have to chase the ball and work harder to get to it  to try and set it instead of getting a pass inside the ten foot line which allows her to run an in-system offense. 

You want to make a good pass close to or just inside the ten foot in Zone 3 so your setter doesn't have to come to the backrow to set a ball. 

As a passer, your job is to be able to forearm pass a volleyball with as much control as possible so your setter can run an in-system offense. 

Karch Kiraly Volleyball Quote on the Importance of Passing a Ball

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Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.Resee the Volleybragswag Kangaroo Shirts available now.
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