Hit A Volleyball Smart Attack Tips That Almost Always Work For Hitters

Hit a volleyball with this attack tactic which is to "aim the ball for the seam of the block" which is almost always effective when done correctly. 

This volleyball attack tactic is a sure fire way you as an outside hitter can get yourself out of trouble when it comes to hitting a ball over the net and past a big opposing block. 

Hit A Volleyball Smarter
Aim For The Seam of the Block

Aim for the seam when the middle blocker and outside blocker do not go up and form a solid block together. 

The seam is the area between the outside blocker's hands and the middle blocker's hands. 

It's that space they're supposed to close when they block together at the net. 

That's a "hole in the block" that you need to be comfortable hitting at because there's a good chance there's no one defending that space in the backrow.

If they don't then that's an easy play for you to make. 

Alot of teams that swing block leave that hole in the block on purpose and have a libero cover that area but its not an easy hit to dig.

So test the defense.

Hit at the seam until the block closes it or until you've been dug once or twice.

When you see a hole in the block, hit right at it. Keep doing that until the opposing team closes the block.

Many times you'll find that you score more points doing this than if you didn't try it. 

Keep doing what works..until it doesn't work anymore.

Then move on to try another tactic like hitting around the block or hitting the top of the blockers hands. 

In many ways volleyball is a big game of chess and you need to force your opponent to make moves that allow you to make additional moves that score points. 

Playing Volleyball Smarter
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