Three Passing Volleyball Tips To Quickly Improve Serve Receive Skills

 3 passing volleyball skills you need to improve serve receive are keep your arms straight, keep your feet on the ground and move your feet quickly to the ball.

Here are 3 passing volleyball tips that will make a quick difference on how well you get the ball to your intended target. 

  • Keep your arms together without breaking them apart during the pass
  • Keep your feet on the ground when bumping the ball
  • Move your feet quickly to get to the ball

Three Passing Volleyball Tips
Keep Your Arms Together 

Don't break your arms apart.

No matter how hard or easy the serve...keep your arms together when you pass a volleyball.

Fight to maintain good volleyball passing skill and technique. I'm guilty of committing this error when I know its an easy pass or free ball.

You have to fight the temptation of breaking your arms apart and keep them together especially when you are passing on the move.

That's why it's important to get stopped then use the correct technique.

Don't be lazy just because it seems like an easy pass to make. 

Three Passing Volleyball Tips
Keep your Feet On The Ground 

Whenever possible pass with both feet on the court floor.

Don't jump bump. 

Very easy reasoning...when you are in the air you have much less control of your body and/or the ball but if your feet remain on the ground you can make small adjustments (maybe an extra shuffle step forward or backward if needed) to control the outcome of the serve receive 99% better. 

Its hard to be airborne and expect to perform the serve receive volleyball skill well.

Stay low and work to be patient and let the ball come down to you and avoid rising up to meet the ball while its still high in the air. 

Three Passing Volleyball Tips
Pass With Your Feet First 

Pass with your feet first not with your arms.

This sounds a little tricky to understand but what this means is that you need to get into the habit of getting to the ball first by getting your feet behind the ball, first, no matter where it is.

There is a volleyball passing drill that really illustrates how this should look.

A player starts in the left back serve receive position...another one can be in the right back position as well.

A coach from mid court on the other side of the volleyball net will first underhand serve a ball anywhere to the left side of the court.

The left side passer has to keep her/his arms behind his back at all times and run to get his/her feet to the ball in time to allow the ball to take ONE bounce through their legs. 

Three Passing Volleyball Tips 
Two Volleyball Passing Drills 

To make the drill more challenging the server backs up to make full court overhand serves.

Short serves challenge your volleyball foot speed skills since one passer has to cover the entire half of her court getting to each served volleyball with her arms behind her back.

To improve your serve receive volleyball skill try this drill with a teammate or suggest it to your volleyball coach.

As a team drill after the first person goes on the left then the server serves to the right alternating players as they run behind the last person in line to try again.

This is a very effective volleyball foot speed drill which I've had both American and Italian Pro volleyball team coaches run in my practices.

Aside from this drill if you are having a hard time getting your feet to the volleyball to serve receive accurately..then here's an extra on increasing your foot speed and agility drills.

This is why your warmups should have alot of short sprints forward and backward and agility foot work drills at the beginning of every volleyball practice...precisely for this reason so you can increase your reactive speed towards serve receive and defensive balls. 

Work on increasing foot speed and agility foot work so that you can get to the ball fast and then just let your technique do the rest, which is to help you pass a ball accurately to the target.

Always work on improving your individual volleyball skills, remember the ball is in Your hands.

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