Playing Volleyball Using Two Smart Strategies To Improve Your Game 

There are several tactics you can use when playing volleyball to slow down or speed up the the rhythm of a game.

There are several strategies you can use when playing volleyball to slow down or speed up the the rhythm of a game. (Stacy Sykora, USA Libero)There are several strategies you can use when playing volleyball to slow down or speed up the the rhythm of a game. (Stacy Sykora, USA Libero)

There are two specific tactics you can use, to control or change the speed of the game when you're playing volleyball.

When Playing Volleyball
Walk Back To Serve

This first tactic may not seem like a crafty thing to do during a game, but walking back to serve the ball every so often during a match is one thing that can improve your serve. 

Serious players on the court, are in the habit of hustling to get from one position or one zone to the next.

Usually it is a good idea to jog back to the service line when its time for you to serve.

Most players do this so they can take advantage of taking as much time as possible to get set up to serve the ball before the referee blows the whistle to start the rally.

But when you run back to the service line to serve the ball you are potentially speeding up the rhythm of the game.

The sooner you get behind the service line, the faster the referee sees you are ready to start the rally, so he blows his whistle, which starts the rally at a faster rate.

Sometimes its necessary to give your front row hitterschance to catch their breath.

Let's say your team has lost a few points in a row to a team that runs a pretty quick offense. Then, you and your teammates fight through a long rally and you all manage to win the sideout.

Far the last few plays, the opposing team has been running a quick offense so they're the ones who've been controlling the speed of the game.

Now, that your team has won the ball back, do you want to run back quickly and serve the ball, keeping the same pace of the game that your opponents have established?

Or do you want to slow things down a bit to establish your own team's rhythm?

If you slow things down, then

  • you give the middle blockers on your team a chance to catch their breath and 
  • your setter has a few more seconds to talk about team strategies and volleyball tactics to the blockers while your team is rotating and setting up to play defense.

Without risking a yellow card or getting a 'delay of game' warning, you can change the rhythm of the game by walking instead of running back to the service line. 

The referee will wait for you to be in position behind the end line before blowing the whistle to start the rally.

Smart Tactics To Use When Playing Volleyball: 
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