6 Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters And Liberos Need To Know

Let me explain these 6 setting fundamentals volleyball setters know like what's an assist. a held ball, a lift, a back set, an over set and the setter dump.

Players in the setting position need to know these six setting fundamentals that have to be included in your volleyball setting toolbox.

  • -assist
  • -held ball
  • -lift
  • -back set
  • -over set
  • -setter dump

6 Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Sets Defined: The Seven Person Partner Setting Drill - in Breakfast Club. 

Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters Learn
What is an "assist?"

The "assist" is specific setter terminology used when recording stats on a stat sheet during a game.

If a setter sets a ball to a hitter who scores a point with a kill, the setter gets credit for "assisting" in the positive result which is the point.  

Adlai sets BYU commit Kate Prior in semi-private training practice. 

On the stat sheet is an "assist" column" for the stat keeper to record when a setter contributed to a point.

Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters Know
What is a "held ball?"

A referee calls this setting volleyball violation on a setter when in the act of setting the ball comes to a stop or she lets it rest in her hands, causing the ball to stop moving before redirecting it back up into the air.

When learning correct setting volleyball technique, the ball can't come to a complete stop in your hands.

If it does, the ref will whistle and give a hand signal with the palm of their hand turned up and lift it up one or two inches to indicate that the setter "held" the ball too long.

Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters Know
What is a "lift?"

A "lift" is called by the referee when they think a player makes an illegal contact by using a "lifting" action with one or two of her hands staying too long in contact with ball.

A lift can be called on a defensive action but it's most often committed when a player is setting the ball.

Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters Know
What is a "back set?"

A back set is the type of set a setter delivers to a player that is behind them.

Because the starting setter position has the player perpendicular to the net, which positions them to have their back to their offside (right side/Zone 2) hitter, that right front attacker will receive a lot of back sets because the setter doesn't have time to turn around and face them.

Instead, the volleyball setter will set the ball behind her.

A back set comes in all forms, such as a

Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters Know
What is a "over set?"

An "over set" happens when a setter runs a fast attack and in their attempt to deliver a ball to a specific hitter, she sets the ball too far past the area where the hitter was supposed to make contact with the ball and the ball gets "set over" the net.

Another example occurs when a ball is set in a way that it misses its intended target area for a spiker which keeps her from hitting the ball.

This would be considered a setting error, since the spiker wasn't able to make contact with the ball.

Setting Fundamentals Volleyball Setters Know
What is a "setter dump?"

A "dump" is when a setter 'dumps' or pushes the ball into the opposing team's volleyball court instead of setting the ball to one of her attackers.

Often done by the front row setter as an attack, in an attempt to catch the other team's blockers and defense off guard.

When the setter is front row she can attack the ball to confuse the opposing blockers.  

She will mix up her sets to her hitters every now and 
then with attempts to hit or dump the ball into the other team's court.

One deceptive style used to dump a ball effectively happens when the setter decides to jump set as if she's about to set the ball to her middle player.

Then instead of setting the ball, she uses her hand to 'assist', "push" or dump the ball into the other team's court.

If done correctly, she contacts the ball at the height of her jump aiming for the ball to travel over her shoulder and over the outstretching blocking hands and shoulders of the opposing players in front of her, to an empty space on the floor inside the ten foot line.

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