Under Armour Volleyball Apparel The Newest Athletic Brand Players Love

The Under Armour volleyball apparel brand is a favorite among club, high school, college and famous players like USA's Kelsey Robinson and China's Zhu Ting. 

Under Armour volleyball apparel is produced by one of the six major volleyball uniform manufacturers who produce player apparel pieces, like spandex shorts, jerseys, socks, jerseys, kneepads and shoes.

The other popular volleyball apparel brand manufacturers are

  • Asics Volleyball 
  • Mizuno Volleyball
  • Adidas Volleyball
  • Under Armour Volleyball
  • Nike Volleyball

Under Armour Volleyball Apparel 

It didn't take long for the Under Armour volleyball uniforms to take the sports world by storm.

UA has made no effort to hide the fact that they were ready and willing to take on the big names in the volleyball apparel market.

When Under Armour volleyball apparel was introduced, they raised the bar on developing performance fabric and moisture management technologies to a whole new level.

UA - "The Athletic Brand
of This Generation"

The company calls itself the “athletic brand of this generation” and they have managed to make a prominent name for themselves with their technically engineered uniforms as well.

They say they are the originators of performance athletic gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game, practice or workout.

The original plan for Under Armour was to make a superior T-shirt that provided compression and wick perspiration off of a player's skin rather than absorb it.

This shirt is supposed to work with the body to regulate temperature and enhance performance.

The First Under Armour T-Shirt

Ten years ago, after the creation of the first T-shirt, Under Armour developed its trademarked line of microfiber gear and launched their amazing entry into the performance product industry.

The company's latest textile innovations and the development of new technologies that continue to improve their products are developed in their own fabric lab.

Sure, Under Armour started out by producing athletic apparel for football players, but as the success of their company grew so did the need to manufacture apparel for other sports.

Famous Volleyball Players Sponsored By Under Armour

When sportswear companies need to get the word out about their products they usually partner with spokespeople, other famous athletes that agree to wear their clothes, use their equipment and give testimonials about how great their brand is. 

Kim Glass and Under Armour

USA Volleyball Olympian Kim Glass 

USA Volleyball Olympic Silver medalist Kim Glass, one of the first famous female volleyball players sponsored by UA has worn Under Armour uniforms, clothes, workout apparel as one of the company's the first volleyball testimonials.

Under Armour goes behind the scenes with world class Volleyball player Kim Glass about how she trains and what motivates her to the best.

Kelsey Robinson - USA Volleyball's Olympic Bronze Medalist - Under Armour Sponsored Volleyball Athlete

Although she's on the USA Volleyball National team which is exclusively outfitted by the Adidas volleyball brand, Kelsey is personally sponsored by UA.

Meet Kelsey Robinson

Here she is in a video produced by Eastbay and featuring Under Armour volleyball apparel. 

Kelsey Robinson and pro indoor Turkish teammate, Olympic Most Valuable Player, China's Zhu Ting both are Under Armour sponsored volleyball players. 

Newly crowned 2018 - 2019 Turkish league champions, Kelsey and Zhu both play together professionally in the Turkish Champion league.

Watch how Kelsey documents what its like to win a Turkish championship game. 

Watch what an Under Armour volleyball apparel photo shoot featuring two of the world's most famous volleyball players, USA Volleyball's Kelsey Robinson and China's Zhu Ting. 

Under Armour Volleyball Apparel Shorts and Kneepads

Make the plays that help your team come out on top in the Under Armour React Volleyball Short. 

HeatGear Technology is used to wick away moisture, keeping you fresh through the entire match.

Under Armour volleyball kneepads are hugely popular. Their line of knee protection pads come in several different styles that are designed for each player position. 

Under Armour Volleyball Apparel: Jerseys

Under Armour was the first of the many volleyball apparel maufacturers  to offer a line of volleyball jerseys with a half sleeve option.

A popular model is the Under Armour Elevate Jersey.

This volleyball jersey uses UA's signature HeatGear construction to wick unwanted moisture away from the skin leaving you cool, dry and ready for more.

Mesh insets add ventilation while the fitted styling and scoop neck allow for supreme range of motion.

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Under Armour Volleyball Apparel The Newest Athletic Brand Players Love


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