Volleyball Attack Strategy Smart Hitters Use To Score Tons of Points

These hitting tactics are what smart hitters use in out-of-system situations and in-system opportunities to score points during rallies against tough opponents. 

Use your volleyball attack to score points or sideout by using the tip as an option to hitting hard spikes.

Learn how to score points or sideout by using the tip as an option to hitting hard spikes. 

1. Use the tip to use the block. 

Use the tip to score a point or sideout if you are an outside hitter who gets a set close to the net. Aim the ball at the block’s outside or external arm and wipe the ball off the block’s forearm. 

2. Be the last player to touch the ball in a joust. 

When two players contact the ball at the same time over the net, the second one to touch the ball almost always wins.

The second player has the advantage of going up and pushing over while the first player comes down, losing momentum on her way. 

3. When you anticipate a joust situation forming, wait as long as possible before putting your hands on the ball and pushing it over into the opposing court. 

You can very often save a tip gone bad and win the joust by using this strategy.

10 Volleyball Attack Tactics Short Hitters Should Use To Score Against Big Blockers

These hitting strategies are things to work on during your practices that will help you improve your scoring abilities when hitting in the front row.

The good news is that alot of these tactics give shorter hitters options to use to score when they face two big blockers at the net. 

🏐#1 Practice your roll shots that go over the block to the middle of the court. 

This spot is often out of the opposing defenders reach. 

I have plenty of video of Vegas  players during long rallies continuously tipping the ball behind the block, where the defender is waiting to pick up balls. 

You can end rallies alot faster if you learn to make points by aiming for the middle of the court with off speed or roll shots. By doing this regularly you could see plenty of playing time as well as score a ton of points. 

🏐#2 Hit to the deep corners of the opposing court. 

In long rallies the defensive players on the other side usually start creeping up in the court towards the ten foot line, leaving lots of area in the back row wide open. 

🏐#3 Remember Zones 1 and 6 are usually wide open in long rallies so just aim and hit high and long to the back corners to score a point or sideout. 

You can be any height to hit high and deep into the opposing team’s court. Now are you going to do the reps in volleyball practice that it will take to be successful at hitting to the deep corners consistently?  

🏐Learn to hit high, contacting the ball at its highest height. 

You may have to tell your setter to set you a bit further off the net in order to stay behind the ball and be able to see the court and the block while hitting deep and long over the heads of the opposing team’s defenders. 

But you can become a point making machine if you put the time in volleyball practice to do these types of hitting reps . 

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14 Volleyball Attack Tips for Varsity Players: Improve Your Volleyball

Learn 14 spikers volleyball tips that will help improve your point scoring ability in the front row, along with other advice strategies, and techniques that will help you hit past or score against a big block.

Spiking a ball takes an aggressive attitude, a strong spike approach, a quick armswing, the development of proper volleyball hitting techniques and knowledge of weak spots on the opposing team's court.

To be an effective front row volleyball attacker, you have to adopt a fearless and aggressive attitude when it comes to spiking the ball against a two person block put up by the opposing team.

Your confidence should grow and develop as you do lots of spiking drills in practice as you repeatedly practice how to spike a volleyball aggressively.

Volleyball Attack Tips: Aim and Hit Standing Four Feet Away From The Spot

When learning how to spike a volleyball there are several strategies that hitters can use to get the ball past the opposing team's block in order to score points.

Volleyball Attack Tips: Mix Up Your Shots in Long Rallies

Mix up your shots, especially in long rallies.

This keeps the block guessing and off balanced about what you are going to do and how you are going to attack next. 

Volleyball Attack Tips: Learn To Own The Middle Of The Opposing Team's Court

Volleyball Attack Tips: Aim Straight Ahead With Your Spiking Arm Follow Through

Volleyball Spike Tips: Practice Wiping The Block at Home With The Ball Against Your Garage

Volleyball Attack Strategy Smart Hitters Use To Score Tons of Points
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