Volleyball Block Technique: Why Sealing The Net Improves Your Block?  

Your volleyball block technique improves when you always seal the net by keeping blocking arms close to the net when stopping hitters from attacking.

With improper blocking volleyball technique many hitters score points that they shouldn't, not because they are great hitters but because the blockers hands and body positioning were too far away from the net when they jumped to block.

Often times hitters are successful because they are hitting the ball against blockers who jump straight up in the air, making the mistake of keeping their hands, arms and shoulders behind their ears and/or off the net when they are in the air.

So all the hitter has to do is hit the ball and aim it right at the hands of the blocker which allows the ball to come dribbling down in front of the player's body between the blocker and the net.

That's always an easy point for the hitter and its a sure sign that the opposing blockers need to work to improve a proper volleyball blocking finish with their hands and arms sealing off that space between them and the net.

Volleyball Block Technique
How To Seal The Net

If the blocker had used better volleyball block technique by correctly "sealing the net" then

  • while jumping up to block the ball,
  • they would have kept their shoulders, hands and arms in front of their ears as they were jumping which
  • would close off all that space between the blocker's hands and the net

so a ball couldn't come through their hands and down the inside of the net.

This is a movement to focus on while working on your volleyball blocking drills in practice.

Volleyball Block Technique: 
When Sealing The Net What Do Your Hands Do?

To avoid "being used" an outside blocker should train to go up to block a ball in a way that their hands and arms, once they penetrate the plane of the net...

...are angled so that they are turned back into the opposing team's court.

This way, while they block and their shoulders, arms and hands penetrate the plane of the net...

...their arms and hands are positioned to deflect the ball back into the middle of the opposing team's court.

The blocker wants to position their arms over the net...and where they want the ball to go.

Hands first go straight up and then immediately over the net so that the blockers arms and hands aren't "used" or "wiped off of" by the hitter.  

In this picture of players at the net, I notice there are two things that the Central Michigan blocker wearing the number 15 jersey should be concerned about.

First as she is going up to block jump, her arms are reaching outside of her body and her hands are facing out of bounds.

With this blocking volleyball form, the blocker increases the chances of the hitter using her block because her body and her hands are facing and moving outside the court  instead of facing and moving inside the court.

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