Volleyball Digging
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Improve Your Volleyball Dig Efficiency Step by Step Instructions

Volleyball dig (Michael E. Johnston)Volleyball dig (Michael E. Johnston)

After blocking, volleyball digging is the last line of defense, used to keep a ball that's been attacked by the opposing team, from hitting the floor on your team's side. 

Digging volleyballs and doing it well is important if you want to be a good defensive player who can play in all six positions on the court and especially while in the back row.  

Here are some individual defense tips for liberos and other backcourt players looking for ways to improve how to dig a volleyball.

Volleyball Digging Technique Tip #14: Practice With Someone Bigger and Better Than You Are

When you get the chance to play Pepper with a guy with good ball control skills, do so.  

Playing with a male or someone bigger, better or stronger than you are makes you learn how to be a better, stronger, faster defense volleyball player in a shorter amount of time.

Get to know Texas senior Champion for Life

Cat McCoy



Surround yourself with people/players who are better than you are, learn from them and have them make you work hard and you will become a better player.

Volleyball Digging Tip #12:
Use The Pepper Drill To Increase Your Ability To Concentrate

Use the pepper drill to increase your game focus and concentration during warm-ups.  

Here's your chance to ignore pre-existing pre-game distractions like playing in a venue with a small court, warming up in a confined  space, balls flying around the court in your pepper zone, or team benches.

Focus on getting the ball right to your partner and keeping up the intensity of your pepper warmup, even if you have to do it with alot of distracting elements happening around you.

The better you get at increasing your focus in warmup, the better you get at focusing and concentrating during a game.

This way crowd noises, and whistles and cat calls and other game time distractions will have little effect on you.

Volleyball Digging Tip #6:
During pepper, raise your elbow, keeping it above the level of your ear while you control the ball speed to your partner. 

Hitting the ball with a low elbow in pepper means you increase the chance you’ll hit the ball low in hitting warm-ups and continue hitting the ball low in a game.

Pepper warmup is the best opportunity for you to practice the individual volleyball skills using the technique you need to use in a game.

Many players take pepper for granted and since the ball is coming at them slowly, they flake, and ignore using the proper technique.

Every opportunity you have to touch the ball should be used to contact the ball correctly.

Bending your knees, keeping a straight platform, passing the ball with your legs, setting the ball high... all these volleyball digging techniques should be practiced in your pepper warmup so that at game time-- you've already performed these skills in the same way you need to perform them in competition.

How To Play Volleyball: Where Do You Go Now?

Okay here's where you need to go now! There are three options: 

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  4. Before leaving this page Say "Hi" to Miss O.I Gotchu the Octopus wearing the #8 jersey below.  Miss O.I. is the libero for the All Beast VolleyBragSwag All Star team.
Miss O.I. Gotchu, the volleyball libero for the All Beast VolleyBragSwag All-Star team.

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