Volleyball Drills Without A Net You Can Do To Help Your Ball Control  

3 hitting and digging volleyball drills without a net that you can do at home to help increase your ball control skills when playing defense in the back court. 

Learn three new hitting and digging volleyball drills without a net you can do regularly at home or in your next volleyball practice and/or classes. 

'Three Spikers and One Digger"   Volleyball Drills Without A Net

'Three Spikers and One Digger" Volleyball Drill

Digging line, digging middle, digging cross court.

Working on 

  • improving your digging form
  • Making a playable ball inside the ten foot line that a setter can get to.
  • Keeping the digging platform two inches below belly button level and not swinging the arms but freezing the platform on ball contact so you just redirect hard hits to the intended target 
  • Diggers stay for 3,4,5 rounds in a row
  • Hitters work on correct hitting form ...contacting the ball high... like they would if they were hitting on the net.

Is it me or does this feel like a video game?

Three Different Hits and Three Digs  
Volleyball Drills Without A Net

Three Different Hits and Three Digs

The Libero workout.

Three balls to the target. A hard hit. A tip. A deep ball to the corner to chase down.

Working on...

  • Libero training digging three types of attacked balls...
  • digging the hard hit
  • reading then chasing down the tip while trying to stay on your feet
  • running down the deep shot to the far Zone 5 corner while trying to stay on your feet
  • digging a settable ball (high in the court as near to Zone 3 - middle front- as possible) if not possible then to the middle of the court
  • getting comfortable covering the entire zone 5 left back area of the court while taking only 3 - 4 steps to get to each ball
  • reading fast and reacting fast while controlling our body parts so we can control the ball

"The Two on Two"
Volleyball Drills Without A Net

"The Two on Two" Volleyball Drill

Working on.....Line and cross court digging reps

Hitters are in zone 4 and zone 2.

Two diggers in zone 5 and zone 6.

Two targets catching the balls while standing on the other side of the hitters ball court

First Zone 5 digger digs the line ball hit by hitter in Zone 4. (Brandon in turquoise shirt)

They dig ball to target close to Coach Brandon basket.

At the same time hitter in zone 2 hits to digger in Zone 6 who digs the ball back to the target standing in zone 3/2.

Then digger in zone 5 does a quarter turn and faces hitter in Zone 2 who hits at them to dig the ball to their target standing in zone 3/2. 

At the same time digger in zone 6 does a quarter turn to their left and digs the ball cross court that was hit from the hitter in zone 4 (Coach Brandon).

Hitters don’t hit until they have the eye contact of the digger .

  • Diggers working on staying low even during their turn as they prep to dig the next ball
  • Diggers working on target practice
  • Diggers work on keeping hips below the level of the oncoming ball
  • Do for time or do after setting a goal for perfect digs to the target

Good job Neveah and Cass!

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If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

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