Your Volleyball Hit Strategy: Do You Need To Hit Hard to Score Points?

If your attacking strategy is to always use a hard volleyball hit did you know that makes you predictable hitter? Mix up your shots to confuse the defense.

About your volleyball hit strategy. Learn to mix it up. 

Hitting the ball hard isn't the only thing you can do to score points as a volleyball spiker.  

You should know how to hit a volleyball using

  • the roll shot, 
  • the cut shot, 
  • the deep tip 

to score points especially during long rallies. 

The Volleyball Hit: Be sure to mix up your shots as an attacker. Learn your options.The Volleyball Hit: Be sure to mix up your shots as an attacker. Learn your options.

Plan on diversifying your volleyball attack by adding "the tip" to your collection of hitting tactics.

You can be as confident as you want to be as a spiker in volleyball, but the best hitters are always prepared to have many different ways to score points offensively.

You want to be unpredictable as a hitter.

If your spike attacks are always hard hits, then that makes you very predictable.

Sooner or later the opposing team's block or the diggers in their backrow defense will understand and anticipate or read your attacking style because you've created a pattern of hitting which is consistent and easy to read.

It will be easy for them to place themselves in the court to dig you or block you because you keep doing the same thing over and over again.  

You want to be unpredictable as a hitter. And if your spike attacks are always hard hits, then that's very predictable.Volleyball Hit Strategy: You want to be unpredictable as a hitter. And if your spike attacks are always hard hits, then that's very predictable. Try tipping!

Check out what an opposing team would say if they knew you try to hit every volleyball hard all the time. 

 "Yeah we know how she hits.

She ALWAYS spikes the ball hard.

That's the only thing she knows how to do. So let's set up our block here and our defense here.

And if we can't stop her hard hit at the net with our block, we will pick it up in the back row with our defense."

Listen to what else they could also say...

"Sure she hits the ball hard and we know that she will score some points for her team, but if she keeps hitting hard, all the time, for the entire first set, then we know she will get tired.."

When she gets tired then she won't hit as hard and it will get easier to block her spikes at the net or it will get easier dig a ball she hits because it will have less power. 

And sooner or later it will get harder and harder for you to score points against a team because they already know what type of spiker you are and they will set up their team defense accordingly.

Instead of always relying on the hard hit, use the tip as one of your highly effective offensive attack hits.

Learn to use this in practice during your volleyball hit drills and spike training.

This will keep the defense guessing as to how you are going to attack the ball next.

Work on all of your hitting strategy, like mixing up your shots during practice. 

You can improve your offensive game by spending your time wisely doing repetitions of different volleyball hit options that will prepare you for many of the different blocking or defense strategies the opposing team will use to try and stop you in a game.

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