Volleyball Hitting Attack Terminology Vegas Spikers Know

These four terms the kill, the tip, the attack and the cobra are ways hitters send the ball over the net during a rally in an attempt to score a point

Volleyball Hitting and Spike Attack Terminology Left Handed SpikerVolleyball Attack HitVolleyball Hitting Attack Terminology Left Handed Volleyball Attack Hit

This volleyball hitting and spike attack terminology are the words and terms used for hitters who attack, spike or hit a ball on the court during a volleyball rally in an attempt to score a point. 

  • the kill
  • the tip
  • the attack 
  • the cobra

Volleyball Hitting Attack Terminology
What's An Attack?

An 'attack hit' is an attempt by a player on the offensive team, to get the ball into the opponent's court either with an aggressive volleyball spike, an off speed shot or a slower but strategic touch on the ball called  a tip.

A kill can be a hard driven spike, an off speed lob hit or a soft touch tip, but as long as it gets past the block and hits the floor without the opposing team being able to play or pick it up, then the "attack hit" is called a "kill,"

Volleyball Hitting Attack Terminology
What's a Kill?

In a rally, when a player successfully attack hits a ball that passes over the net from their court into the opponent's court without the opposing side successfully counterattacking the ball back over the net for a point or a sideout then that action is marked on the stat sheet as a "kill".

Volleyball Hitting Attack Terminology
What's a Tip?

A spiker doesn't always have to hit a ball hard to make a kill or score a point or sideout for their team.

You have the option of tipping the ball into the opponent's court.

In indoor volleyball, a female player can open their hand and contact the ball with the pads of their fingertips to push it over or past the block.

Volleyball Hitting and Spike Attack Terminology Penn State hitters tip the ball over the blockersVolleyball Hitting Attack Terminology Penn State hitters tip the ball over the blockers

Before contacting the ball, use your normal spike approach and armswing before attacking the ball.

During your armswing, your arm rotation slows down just before contacting the ball with the pads of your fingertips, since you don't plan on hitting the ball hard. 

Push the ball over the net and the block without letting the ball come to a rest in your hands. Used in indoor volleyball this is called "the tip."

The beach volleyball version of the tip is done slightly differenlty and is called 'the cobra."

Volleyball Hitting Attack Terminology
What's a Cobra?

Used by beach players, who use their knuckles to do a closed fist tip, either short in the court or deep, that directs the ball into an open area in the opposing team's court.

The spike approach and armswing rotation is the same as a normal spike approach but just before contacting the ball, instead of using the pads of the fingertips you close your fist and use your knuckles to contact the ball, pushing it over the net and over the block into an empty space on the court. 

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