Need Volleyball Hitting Power? Improve Your Volleyball Spike Approach

These volleyball hitting spike approach tips explain the three step and four step spike approach techniques which create the power for your hitting attacks. 

Need Volleyball Hitting Power? Improve Your Volleyball Spike Approach 
What's A Spike Approach?

The volleyball spike approach is a set number of steps, usually a three-step approach or a four-step approach that a player makes to gather the speed and gain forward momentum needed to get in the air to make contact with the ball at its highest point.  

When an airplane is ready for take off, it makes its approach down the runway to gather speed and velocity so that it can lift itself up in the air.

Well, a player learns to do the same thing, before they can hit a ball and before they begin to initiate their volleyball spike technique. 

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Opposites Working on Hitting the Line . . Hitting line is a Right side hitters best weapon! . . Opposite hitter does a great job of making very distinct quick but patient actions before attacking the line on the right side. . . Block without reaching outside of her body line, stop. . Transition quickly off the net to the ten foot line ...stop. . Wait see the set. She knows it’s a high set so she knows she doesn’t have to rush in . Takes her first step once she sees where the ball will come down . Aggressively “attacks” the last two steps of her spike approach while keeping the ball in front her where she can see the ball, the block and the court . . Gets her feet to the ball with her last two steps of her spike approach letting the ball pass her a bit (allowing the ball to also pass the block) so it’s in front of her spiking arm where she can swing straight ahead contacting the top third of the ball . hard, down the line . . And yes this video probably qualifies as my third blooper reel! . . In an effort “to get the shot” I’m willing to sacrifice my face! (A little) #yourwelcome . . . . . .#dearvolleyball #volleyballtraining #vegasvolleyball #volleyballcoach #vbcoach #coachvb #coachapril #volleyballtechniques #thisisvolleyball #volleyballspikes #hendersonnv #hendersonnevada #summerlinlv #summerlinlife #eastlastvegas #downtownlasvegas #volleyballpractice #volleyballspike #volleyballattack

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Need Volleyball Hitting Power? Improve Your Volleyball Spike Approach 
The Four-Step 
Volleyball Spike Approach Steps

The Four-step approach

The four-step approach gives outside hitters more time to get to balls that are set higher and are slower to get to the outsides of the net.  

Higher sets are considered slower sets used with high jumping hitters to beat the opposing block with a high reach, great vertical jump and using a lot of power. 

The higher the hitter can jump, with the right technique the higher they can reach..the better. 

This means the ball is contacted at a higher point in the air where hopefully the block cannot reach. 

Need Volleyball Hitting Power? Improve Your Volleyball Spike Approach
The Three-Step Volleyball Spike Approach

The Three-step approach

The three-step approach is used more often for faster sets that are set lower to the net that quick athletic hitters use with a quick armswing and fast swing to beat the block. 

These faster and lower sets are used to beat the block with speed. 

The faster, the hitter can jump, and the faster they can swing..the better. 

This means the ball is contacted at a lower point in the air above the net, but is contacted at a faster speed where hopefully the block cannot reach. 

TCU outside hitter attacks against the Texas double block (Ralph Iversen)TCU outside hitter attacks against the Texas double block (Ralph Iversen)

Need Volleyball 
Hitting Power? 
Learning How To Improve                   Your Spike Approach

You will then spike the ball over the net, past the block and to the floor before a back row defensive player can get it up.

The speed and length of a spike approach can change depending on what play and what kind of set a player receives.

Your spike approach length can also change if you are playing in a crowded volleyball tournament that doesn't have a lot of space between courts. 

In this situation you may be forced to change from a four step to a three step approach.

What should never change for a spiker is the aggressiveness of and speed of the last two steps of the spike approach. 

When I coach the volleyball spike approach, I ask my players to "attack the floor" with their last two steps.  

I tell them to treat the floor as if its a trampoline and be aggressive in attacking the last two steps..the more aggressive, the more you increase your vertical jump.

The higher your vertical and the higher you reach..the better chance you have of outreaching the block. 

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