Vegas Volleyball Instruction For Current and Future Varsity Players 

Coach April Chapple's Volleyball Instruction offers training for Vegas Collegiate, Varsity Elite, JV, B Team and Youth Players

Hello Everyone!

Until the City of Las Vegas Parks and Recreations gym re-open any Breakfast club classes and semi-private training classes taught by me, Coach April are on hold until further notice.

Thank you for your patience!

Be safe!

Coach April

Vegas volleyball coaching! Nine years and running!

I've provided volleyball instruction to Las Vegas collegiate, high school, middle school and youth players and coaches for more than nine years now. 

I love teaching volleyball skills.  

As a player, I was taught early in my playing career by former Olympic players and elite coaches and what I learned from them, worked!

Providing volleyball instruction based on the elite training I received and giving back to the sport whether

a) it's what I do in the gym or

b) through what I share on this site and social media is one of my favorite things to do.  

With that said......let's get started! 

You came here to improve your volleyball skills so let me tell you about the advanced instruction, weekly classes and semi-private training opportunities. 

Click the "Weekly Classes" tab above to view the NEW! class schedule and information page where you'll learn about class times and days, ages and skills requirements, along with directions to facilities and things to know before coming to your first class. 

Find detailed information about the new 2019 pricing and class packages offered for semi-private training sessions and private volleyball instruction provided by Coach April and the award-winning Boot Camp class coaches. 

Directions to Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes at Las Vegas City Facilities 

Stupak Community Center 

251 W. Boston Ave, LV, NV 89102  702-229-2488

  • Off the I - 15 Exit Sahara: Stupak is one block west of the Stratosphere across the street from the parking lot.

Chuck Minker Sports Complex  

275 N. Mojave Rd, LV, NV 89101 702-229-6563

  • Off the 515 take Eastern Exit to corner of Mojave and Eastern. Huge parking lot. 

Mirabelli Community Center  

6200 Hargrove Avenue, LV, NV 89107 702-229-6359

  • Off of 95 South at Jones

Veteran's Leisure Memorial  

101 Pavilion Center Drive, LV, NV 89144 702-229-1100

  • Adjacent to Palo Verde High School in Summerlin.

Advanced Training Resumes in 2020

Wednesdays: The New Breakfast Club
at Chuck Minker Sports Complex 4:30 - 6

Extremely intense volleyball training.

  • You MUST contact Coach April before coming. 

If you've never attended a Breakfast Club Class before... call, email or text Coach April BEFORE making the trip.

  • If you dont know what it is need to find out BEFORE Wednesday and before coming otherwise you won't get in. 
  • Varsity/Elite/ USA High Performance and collegiate players only. 
  • VERY, VERY Advanced Division I style of training- focusing on technique and basic skills for players who can maintain the elevated speed, focus, stamina and concentration.

Breakfast Club Class Minimum Requirements

  • YOU MUST be able to do all 6 skills very well and under pressure....before coming to this class....
  • You must be on a varsity team or invited by Coach April to join 
  • USA HP and USA National Team level training
  • On your first visit you will need to allow for 10 minutes of paperwork to be filled out before class begins at 4:30 at the front desk.
  • $10 payable at the front desk.
  • Email

Read more information on 
our Vegas Volleyball instruction!

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The Weekly Award-winning Las Vegas Volleyball Boot Camp Class Schedule


As the Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes receive the 2018 Nevada Recreation and Park Society award for

Best Sports Program in Nevada 

Private and Semi Private Lessons with Coach April
Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays