Vegas Indoor/Sand Volleyball Lessons in Jan-March 2022! Register Now!

Players with 1- 2 years experience improve their indoor or sand skills with volleyball lessons from Coach April in Jan-Apr 2022 at Its All Volleyball Facility.

New! Weekly 2022 Private and Semiprivate Volleyball Lessons Schedule with Coach April.

  • Registration is open for  One-on-One and Small Group sessions with Coach April. 
  • Contact me after you've chosen your preferred training sessions at

Jacob works with Carmela in defense during volleyball lessons with Coach April.  

Semi-private/Small group and Private One on One volleyball lessons!

For more info or to register.....go to

New clients MUST email BEFORE pre-registering (and hear back from me) with the following information...

  • position played on high school team and how many years
  • position played on club team and how many years
  • if from out of state visiting for the holidays please provide the same information (please expect to provide proof of negative COVID test)

Coach April's Volleyball
Lessons in 2022

New clients MUST email BEFORE pre-registering (and hear back from me) with the following information.

  • Class Location is Its All Volleyball Facility in Henderson Nevada - 530 Pamalyn Avenue
  • Once you get confirmation for acceptance in a class by FIRST emailing you must pre-register online with payment which holds your spot.* 

  • No walk-ins
  • Online payment only
  • First come, first serve - You can prepay to insure your player has a spot in advance.
  • There is a session max.
  • Masks are mandatory to enter the Its All Volleyball facility and during December are required to wear during practice

For more information email: or
BEFORE payment to make sure classes aren't SOLD OUT.

  1. Upon acceptance in a class and after payment you will be emailed a parent/player waiver to sign and your player will walk into their first class.
  4. When you register include with payment:
  • name of player and
  • which sessions you are registering for date(s) of session(s)

Refund and Makeup Policy

Please be absolutely sure you can attend the sessions that you register for. These sessions are being offered for a very affordable price. No refunds will be given if a player misses a session.

Making up a session will require an additional $45 to pay for court rental and will be done only if the gym time is available. 

Monday Volleyball 
Lessons in 2022  

Amber working on back setting technique during her volleyball lessons with Coach April


For information on booking sessions on Mondays in February, March April 2022 click here

Tuesday Volleyball 
Lessons in 2022

Carmela works on improving her jump float serve during volleyball lessons with Coach April.


For information on booking sessions on Tuesdays in February, March, and April 2022. 

Wednesday Volleyball 
Lessons  in 


For information on booking sessions on Wednesdays in February, March and April  click here

Thursday Volleyball 
Lessons in 

Carmela working on digging up tips that are more than 3 steps away from her. 


For information on booking sessions on Thursdays in February, March and April  2022 click here

Friday Volleyball 
Lessons in


For information on booking sessions on Fridays in February March and April click here

Cass works on setting technique during volleyball lessons with Coach April. 

Sunday Volleyball 
Lessons in

For information on booking sessions on Sundays in February, March, April  click here

Volleyball Lessons with Coach April Chapple

Private or semiprivate volleyball indoor/sand lessons are an excellent way for young Las Vegas high school volleyball players to quickly improve their individual skills through a private or semi-private coaching experience.

These lessons are conducted by former pro volleyball player and USA Volleyball High Performance instructor April Chapple on a weekly basis.

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I share alot of individual, partner and easy-to-do volleyball serving drills we do in class with my followers.

Many of these volleyball practice drills you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

Read more about volleyball lessons in the pages below. 

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