Volleyball Magazine
All American Honorees

Each year, Volleyball Magazine honors their choice of the nation's

best female volleyball players in college.

When a player has been named to a collegiate All American team that

means a specific group of people, in this case the editors at Volleyball

magazine have followed their stats, their team's win/loss record and

that player's individual accomplishments both on and off the court for

that year's season and has decided to choose them as one of the

outstanding amateur players in the country competing in Division I.

They have been doing this every year since...okay since I was playing in

college.  They usually name eight players to the first team, nine on the

second team and ten Division I female volleyball players on the third


I was a VM Second Team All American so they've been doing it since

the mid 80s.   

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First Team All American 

Alaina Bergsma

 Alaina Bergsma, 6' 3", Outside Hitter, University of Oregon 

Haley Eckerman

Haley Eckerman, 6'3", Sophomore, Texas, Right Side Hitter

Natalie Hagglund

Natalie Hagglund, 5'9", Libero, USC, Junior

Micha Hancock

Micha Hancock, 6'2", Outside Hitter, Texas, Senior

Emily Hartong

Emily Hartong, 6'2", Outside Hitter, Junior, Stanford

Chloe Mann

Chloe Mann, 6'2" Middle Hitter, Junior, Florida

Lauren Plum

Lauren Plum, 5' 9", Setter, Junior, Oregon

Ariel Scott

Ariel Scott, 6' 4", Right Side Hitter, Junior, Penn State

Bailey Webster

Bailey Webster, 6' 3" Outside Hitter, Junior, Texas

Carly Wopat

Carly Wopat, 6'2" Middle Hitter, Junior, Stanford

Second Team All American

Lola Arslanbekova

Lola Arslanbekova, Louisville, OH, Sr., 5-7, 

Tori Dixon

Tori Dixon, Minnesota, Middle Hitter, Jr., 6-3

Jennifer Hamson

Jennifer Hansom, BYU, Right Side Hitter, Jr., 6-7

Rachael Kidder

Rachael Kidder, UCLA, OH, Sr., 6'3",

Tabi Love

Tabi Love, 6'5", Outside Hitter, Senior, UCLA

Gina Mancuso

Gina Mancuso, 6'1", Outside Hitter, Senior, Nebraska

Deja McClendon

Deja McClendon, 6'1", Outside Hitter, Junior, Penn State

Ashley Neff

Ashley Neff, 6'3", Middle Hitter, Junior, Florida State

Katie Slay

Katie Slay, 6'6", Middle Blocker, Junior, Penn State

Krista Vansant

Krista Vansant, 6'2", Outside Hitter, Sophomore, Washington

Hannah Werth

Hannah Werth, 6'1", Outside Hitter, Senior, Nebraska

Third Team All American 

Samantha Bricio

Samantha Bricio, 6' 2", Outside Hitter, Freshman

Amanda Gil

 Amanda Gil, 6'6", Middle Blocker, Senior, Washington

Kristen Hahn

Kristen Hahn, 5'6", Libero, Junior, Iowa State

Katherine Harms

Katherine Harms, 6'2" Right Side Hitter, Senior, Minnesota

Tyler Henderson

Tyler Henderson, 5'11", Outside Hitter, Senior, Tulsa

Caroline Jarmoc

Caroline Jarmoc, 6'2", Middle Hitter, Junior, Kansas

Rachel Krabacher

Rachel Krabacher, 6'4", Outside Hitter, Senior, Dayton

Ziva Recek

Ziva Recek, 6'0", Outside Hitter, Freshman, Florida

Ariel Turner

Ariel Turner, 6'1", Outside Hitter, Senior, Purdue

Nicole Warner

Nicole Warner, 6'2", Middle Hitter, Senior, BYU

Lauren Wicinski

Lauren Wicinski, 6'1", Outside Hitter, Junior, Michigan State

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